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Suffolk County, NY relocating RLC and adding 50 new

Suffolk County, located on Long Island, New York is in the process of moving many of its RLC's to new locations. Although county leaders claim it is because they have effectively controlled traffic at the prior locations, the real reason is that revenue ($80 per ticket) is drying up as motorists learn the locations.

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Maryland Is Turning Corner on Speed Cameras

According to news article, Maryland lawmakers have passed a law that severely restricts speed camera use in MD. Hard to believe MD legislature finally got something right! See:

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should dash cams be required on all cars?

The technology is readily available, and backup cams will be required.

Wouldn't a dash cam video clearly show if you ran a light or didn't? So if you plead not guilty, it's required that you provide the video, or you are automatically guilty. To the contrary, you didn't run the light, you provide the video, and you are given a mandatory $50 gift card to Starbucks.

Are Redlight Cameras declining in number or increasing?

I wonder if anyone has kept track of the number of redlight camera locations as an indicator if they are still increasing in number or if they are decreasing.

I have seen numerous stories lately where cities that had installed them are removing them due to losing money ion them

Baltimore Speed Cameras yet again

Even though Baltimore stopped using speed cameras last year because of pervasive problems they are still in the news. (Unfortunately, to return again soon.) Seems the city paid for two independent secret audits. The first became public in January and the second this week. Seems that the overall system error rate was around 5.5%.

Use of multiple red light camera files ???

I am currently using Trapster RLC files in my Nuvi 50LM.

I will shortly be downloading a copy of the Factory RLC file.

Are there any suggestions or recommendations relating to using these files singly or in combination ?

Would using both sets of files at the same time give me better RLC coverage ? Any problems when both files try to report the same location at the same time?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Motorcade Caught...

I caught a report on Channel 7, about Mayor Emanuel's motorcade running red lights, and speeding in school zones.



Are the red light and speed camera files directional like in WAZE? Also why are there seperate files for red light cameras and speed cameras? Why not just combine the two?

GPS compatability

How do I know if my model GPS is compatible with POI download files

New speed cameras help drivers avoid tickets

Tampa joins St. Pete voting Red Light Cameras out.

Tampa city council votes 4 to 3 to remove RLC from city limits, reason cited was revenues generated is going to city’s general fund and not traffic safety.

The city netted about $1.6 million in revenue last fiscal year.

There are 51 cameras working at 21 intersections in the city limits.

With the weasel we have as mayor and the rubber stamp police chief I'll believe it when I see it.

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St. Petersburg Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras will soon come down in St. Petersburg, FL. Council members decided they weren't making enough money so they will not renew their contract. Money is more important than safety. In Tampa, Oldsmar and Clearwater they will continue to operate.

Red light camera at FL hospital ticketing those seeking emergency help

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Margate (FL) Votes Yes to Removing Red Light Cameras

Here's another Florida city 'non-renewing' its contact with ATS:


Posted: March 6, 2014

The City of Margate will not be renewing their contract for their red light cameras after their contract expires in December according to Mayor Lesa Peerman.

St. Petersburg (FL) to shut down red-light cameras

Published: March 6, 2014
Updated: March 6, 2014 at 03:26 PM

ST. PETERSBURG — The clock is ticking on the city’s red-light camera program.

After an two-hour emotional debate, the city council voted 6-2 to wind down the controversial red-light camera program once fines no longer cover the cost of the program or by Sept. 30, whichever is sooner.

Full story here:

license plate covers

There are places which sell a cover for your license plate. Allegedly it blocks your plate from being read by camera.

I'm assuming it no longer works (assuming it ever did). Does anyone have any definitive information?

New Speed Cameras in NYC

Just heard on NY news that a politician finally came up with a constructive idea concerning red light cameras. He want to have an alert sign to warn of an approaching red light camera. His thinking is that the idea is not to just collect revenue, but to actually discourage drivers from going thru red lights.

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Ohio Judge Rules Against Cameras

Na Ohio Judge has ruled against a Village's use of speed cameras. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/02/26/ohio-judge-halts-...

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