Ticket cameras


DC Ticket Programs Mock Traffic Safety Concerns

Still think that red light cameras and speed cameras (and stop sign cameras and crosswalk cameras and box cameras) are on the Up and Up? It's all about saf---....money money money.

"The District often issues speeding tickets without conclusive identification of the violating vehicle” through its speed cameras....

DC Inspector General Blasts City Over Bogus Camera Tickets

Being an advocate of cameras, I hope this does not turn out as bad as this article makes it seem.


Washington DC - MPD changes ticket policy after OIG report

WASHINGTON -- The Metropolitan Police Department amended part of its ticketing policy after a report released Monday criticized a practice that "led to erroneous ticketing."


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new speed camera Chicago

new speed camera 25 MPH
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How about Radar / VASCAR trap locations?

Hi, does the database have any POIs where police sit consistently with radar guns or the white painted lines for VASCAR?

some food for thought

In an article published by Fox News, the intriguing comment is made: "When radar and camera systems are concealed, the public begins to mistrust government and the true aim of using the technology." which mirrors the comments of both proponents and opponents of cameras.


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San Diego Red Light Cameras Taken Down

I should have posted this last year but better late than never. Cameras in other parts of San Diego County may still be active but within the City, they have been removed.

I do know that they are also down in neighboring El Cajon.


Redlight and Speed Cameras in Baltimore Md

Does anyone know if the Baltimore cameras have been added back into the camera files. I know they were removed because Baltimore stopped the program for awhile but even if turned off I still need them in there. Thanks..

Speed cameras activated in College Park

From: http://www.wtop.com/46/3683153/Speed-cameras-activated-in-Co...
"As of 12:01 am Saturday, seven speed cameras in the City of College Park that ticketed drivers Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. now operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Former Redflex CEO, Liaison, Chicago Official Indicted for Alleged Corruption

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Short Yellows in Chicago


I guess my question is who controls the timing of yellows.

As I read this article, the ticket from Zerox itself has on it "2.9 [seconds]" which would be below the standard of a minimum of 3 seconds.

This also seems to imply that Chicago gives NO grace period.

Stop on Red Week


"NMA’s Bowman agrees that encouraging drivers to stop at red lights “is a worthy goal and has important safety benefits.”

“But pushing red-light cameras as a way to do it is not in anyone’s best interest, except for those who benefit from the ticket revenue produced by those cameras.”

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More speed camera nonsense

An article in today’s Baltimore Sun states that in Howard County (Maryland), as many as 600% of all cars going through an intersection are speeding. At least according to data provided to the county by Xerox.

experience in Canada

After driving for a week in Toronto, I almost wonder why rlc's is even a discussion? There were a bunch of rlc's in Toronto and Scarborough, but even in places they were absent, people attempted to stop on yellow (countdown timers) and they came to complete stops at stop signs, and yielded to pedestrians.

Why is it so different there?

City of Tampa Adding Six New Red Light Cameras

The city of Tampa is adding six new cameras at two different intersections.

Here is the link:


Ald. Reilly calls on city to fix red light camera problem

Ald. Reilly calls on Chicago to fix red light camera problem.


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red light cameras to be removed in Riverside, Ca

It was announced today in the Press Enterprise that Riverside, Ca will be removing all red light cameras in 60 days. See link below:



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I appreciate the effort someone or some people are putting in to keep the RLC's updated.

Where I live, a few years ago they moved the cameras around but left the box that housed it in place. So you never knew if there was one or not. Now they seem to put a sign up warning you of a RED LIGHT enforcement camera.

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