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Stop on Red Week


"NMA’s Bowman agrees that encouraging drivers to stop at red lights “is a worthy goal and has important safety benefits.”

“But pushing red-light cameras as a way to do it is not in anyone’s best interest, except for those who benefit from the ticket revenue produced by those cameras.”

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More speed camera nonsense

An article in today’s Baltimore Sun states that in Howard County (Maryland), as many as 600% of all cars going through an intersection are speeding. At least according to data provided to the county by Xerox.

experience in Canada

After driving for a week in Toronto, I almost wonder why rlc's is even a discussion? There were a bunch of rlc's in Toronto and Scarborough, but even in places they were absent, people attempted to stop on yellow (countdown timers) and they came to complete stops at stop signs, and yielded to pedestrians.

Why is it so different there?

City of Tampa Adding Six New Red Light Cameras

The city of Tampa is adding six new cameras at two different intersections.

Here is the link:


Ald. Reilly calls on city to fix red light camera problem

Ald. Reilly calls on Chicago to fix red light camera problem.


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red light cameras to be removed in Riverside, Ca

It was announced today in the Press Enterprise that Riverside, Ca will be removing all red light cameras in 60 days. See link below:



I have seen the future and it is now!


I appreciate the effort someone or some people are putting in to keep the RLC's updated.

Where I live, a few years ago they moved the cameras around but left the box that housed it in place. So you never knew if there was one or not. Now they seem to put a sign up warning you of a RED LIGHT enforcement camera.

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Clive Iowa turns off red light cameras

Clive Iowa turned off the red light cameras on Hickman Road July 1. The contract with the provider ended and they will be removed within the next two weeks.
People who got caught before this still must pay the fines.
The police will use radar to ,monitor the road.

Speed camera fines could become a thing of the past if Hyundai has its way.

Speed camera fines could become a thing of the past if Hyundai has its way.

The brand is set to sell a luxury sedan in Australia that is capable of outsmarting speed cameras with a combination of GPS and braking technology.

NYC Deploying MOBILE Speed Cameras

NYC is deploying mobile speed cameras in cars, in addition to fixed-position speed cameras.


Might make radar detectors useful again.

RLC in Osceola County Fl.

Osceola County has turned on the first of its red light cameras, at Poinciana Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road.
and be ready for 10 more by the end of this 2014.

New RLC: Coram, Long Island, New York

Location: Eastbound only on Middle Country Road (Rte 25)
at the intersection of Mt. Sanai – Coram Road,
Coram, New York

Suffolk County continuing to move old locations and adding new cameras. Location above not currently listed.

Stay Safe Out There

DC School Buses rack up red light violations

2 new cameras, Shirly & Mastic, Suffolk County, Long Island

Montauk Highway (RT27A) East & Westbound at intersection of Garden Place,
Shirley, Long Island, NY

Montauk Highway (RT27A) East & Westbound at intersection of Washington
Avenue, Mastic, Long Island, NY

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Disclosing locations of red light cameras?

Hello all,

So I was trolling around sites just trying to find out if the RLC locations were being disclosed by official agencies, just because...

So I came across this recent press release from NY's AAA


Suffolk County, NY relocating RLC and adding 50 new

Suffolk County, located on Long Island, New York is in the process of moving many of its RLC's to new locations. Although county leaders claim it is because they have effectively controlled traffic at the prior locations, the real reason is that revenue ($80 per ticket) is drying up as motorists learn the locations.

Stay Safe Out There

Maryland Is Turning Corner on Speed Cameras

According to news article, Maryland lawmakers have passed a law that severely restricts speed camera use in MD. Hard to believe MD legislature finally got something right! See:

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should dash cams be required on all cars?

The technology is readily available, and backup cams will be required.

Wouldn't a dash cam video clearly show if you ran a light or didn't? So if you plead not guilty, it's required that you provide the video, or you are automatically guilty. To the contrary, you didn't run the light, you provide the video, and you are given a mandatory $50 gift card to Starbucks.

Are Redlight Cameras declining in number or increasing?

I wonder if anyone has kept track of the number of redlight camera locations as an indicator if they are still increasing in number or if they are decreasing.

I have seen numerous stories lately where cities that had installed them are removing them due to losing money ion them

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