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Ticket cameras


New York City to Allow Speed Cameras

Note: Since this article was written last week, the New York Legislature voted successfully in the middle of the night Saturday to allow speed cameras in New York City...

Iowa City Passes What May Be Unique Traffic Surveillance Law

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Washington DC Red light camera

How can I tell when red light and speed camera poi for Washington DC was last updated.
Thanks in advance.

Cleveland To Add 26 New Traffic Cameras

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Baltimore City has suspended camera enforcement

There was a short article in the newspaper over the weekend that Baltimore City suspended all red light camera and speed camera enforcement in mid April. A newspaper investigation had earlier shown major problems with improper tickets. Then they had disputes with the vender. Ongoing review by the newspaper continued to show systemic problems.

California: City Obsessed With Red Light Camera Ticket Numbers

California is the largest market for red light cameras in the country thanks to the fines set by the state running nearly $500 each. Municipalities that adopt the technology are quick to deny any possibility that financial considerations have anything to do with their decisions to monitor local intersections.

Florida quietly shortened yellow light standards & lengths, resulting in more red light camera tickets

TAMPA BAY, Florida -- A subtle, but significant tweak to Florida's rules regarding traffic signals has allowed local cities and counties to shorten yellow light intervals, resulting in millions of dollars in additional red light camera fines.

Ticket cameras as a revenue source

I saw this interesting article about how ticket cameras are a major government revenue source.

Do we really want to live in a "Big Brother" society where the government constantly tracks all of our movements?


What do speed traps, parking tickets, toll roads, speed cameras and red light cameras all have in common? They are all major revenue sources for state and local governments.

MD Beige Speed Cameras

Are showing up around town. At first I thought they were portable but noticed the are mounted on cement slabs.
I tried installing their locations on the latest list and it doesn't work. First I used the "where Am I" function on my GPS while sitting in my car right next to one. That's in Degrees.Minutes,Seconds. I then tried the web site

Removed Red Light Cameras

When a red light camera is removed , how cam we find out where it was located?

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Florida: Red-Light Camera Fines May Go Up to $408 ...

"Red-Light Camera Fines May Go Up to $408 and Be Harder to Fight Under Newest Rules":

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Escort Defender Database...Type of File Format?

Hello all! I'm new to the forum and thought I would make my first posting. Does anyone know what POI file format is used in the Escort Defender database? I have an Escort 9500ix radar detector/gps unit with a Defender subscription and I'm curious if it is possible to manipulate the files. I'm interested in personalizing the information uploaded to my unit.

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School Bus Cameras

I found this article in my research today.

I understand this topic was brought up for discussion a couple of times a few years ago. I am curious if any action has been taken in any of your areas since.

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another case imho for a ticket cam

I was leaving a plaza today, in the left turn only lane.

Guess what? There is a woman in a white Nissan, TO MY LEFT, with her right signal on.

She is on the wrong side of the traffic island, and had traveled the wrong direction for the length of the road leading to the plaza.

California: Firm Rigs Data In Bid To Keep Red Light Cameras

Ever since November when voters in Murrieta, California rejected red light cameras at the ballot box, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has been on a campaign to turn them back on. The strategy has been two-fold: use the courts to overturn the public's decision, then convince the city council to reactivate the devices in the name of public safety.

Red light camera must show "a positive impact on public safety"

Red light cameras must show that they are actually installed for public safety (on state roads) now in Arizona

This applies to new camera installations and previously installed cameras will be reviewed every three years.

Signed into law today

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I was at an intersection today, and I counted 6 cars that blew the red light across my path.

I am all for a red light cam at this particular intersection, although I realize that 90% of the folks here are against it. What are the alternatives?

Redwood City, CA to end red-light camera program

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Looking at electonic maps is now illegal.

This is not about ticket cameras. Sorry, this was the most appropriate forum for posting this.

The court of appeals just published a ruling that you cannot look at maps on your phone while driving. Not sure if that goes for another electronic mapping device like a GPS unit, but this is disturbing.

Apparently this guy lost in court and appealed on his own without legal help and now this is a published case, which is caselaw.

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish To Refund Red Light Camera Tickets

Officials in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana are moving forward on plans to refund $4.7 million in red light camera tickets. Council Chairman Chris L. Roberts put forward the motion on March 13 to put an end to "a long chapter of questionable dealings" with Redflex, the Australian company that issued the tickets.

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