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Five new speed enforcement cameras in DC go online Monday.

From: http://wtop.com/dc/2015/05/where-to-look-out-for-new-speed-e...

"The Metropolitan Police Department has installed five new speed cameras across the city, in areas where speed has been a problem.

During a 30-day educational period, violators will receive warning citations. After a month, speeders will get moving citations.

Well maybe NYC can finally put those RLC to good use


I understand these new jack commuters can be quite a Wile E bunch.

laugh out loud

Six New Speed Cameras in DC

From: http://wtop.com/sprawl-crawl/2015/04/six-new-speed-cameras-g...

"WASHINGTON — Six new speed cameras placed in areas known for speeding go online Wednesday across the District of Columbia.

The new cameras will be at these locations:
• 6100 Eastern Avenue NE, southeastbound: 25 mph
• 3200 Fort Lincoln Drive NE, southbound: 25 mph

a situation where it makes total sense

I encounter this activity daily--cars that do an illegal right on red, where vehicles turning left have a green arrow.

If it were a one-on-one accident, he said she said, the left turning vehicle is going to pay for the damage based on the right turning vehicle's lying.

A rlc to prevent the illegal turn itself, and video the turn if it takes place, imho would cure the problem.

Texas Red light cameras in jeopardy with new bill


A bill that would eliminate the power of cameras to levy fines passed a Senate panel on Monday.


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Some New Port Richey, FL Cameras May Be Removed

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Ohio changing law concerning speed cameras

The law concerning speed cameras and red light cameras in the State of Ohio changed today. Effective today, red light or speed cameras cannot be used for citation purposes unless a law enforcement officer is present. Not only must he/she be a law enforcement officer, but they must be a full time officer.

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North Orange county/LA - Los Alamitos/Cerritos redlight cameras

I have some questions on the redlight cameras in Los Alamitos (right and left turns only?) and Cerritos:

Is it true that there are only three red light cameras in Los Alamitos?

Two, located at the intersection of Katella Avenue and Los Alamitos Street, are for left turns, and one at the intersection of Katella Avenue and Bloomfield Street is for right turns.

Reason # 4 why Chicago's mayor may lose election

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Speed Camera Alert

Hello all,

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Iowa Supreme Court: Speed Cameras Did Not Violate Due Process Amendment

In yet another blow to the argument cameras violate the Due Process rules:


ɐ‾nsǝɹ Just one click away from the end of the Internet

Where D.C.’s new speed and stop sign enforcement cameras are:

From http://wtop.com/ticketbuster/2015/02/d-c-s-new-speed-stop-si...

"WASHINGTON — Fair warning — D.C. police have installed new cameras for automated speed and stop sign enforcement.

The Metropolitan Police Department says 9 new photo enforcement units are located at places where speeding and pedestrian safety have been identified as a problem.

Ohio high court upholds traffic camera use


A closely divided Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday stood by its earlier ruling upholding use of traffic cameras.

The justices rejected a driver's motion to reconsider their 4-3 ruling in December. The court's announcement showed that the same three justices who previously dissented disagreed with the latest decision.

"In order to be old and wise, one first must have been young and stupid."

Brooksville FL To End Red Light Cameras

The City Council voted 3-1 Monday night to bring the controversial saga to an end when the contract with the vendor runs out — likely in December, although there might be some dispute about the date.

Full story arrow http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/brooksville-vot...

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Maybe the experiment was a success

I was driving on 1-9 in NJ for quite a ways southbound, went through a bunch of former RLCs that are turned off. There are no more signs, Photo Enforced, but the hardware is still there.

At each of 5 of the intersections that I went through, there were zero vehicles that ran a red light. In intersections where there were never any rlcs, I saw the usual 0-3-4 vehicles running the red lights.

Florida Appeals Court Declines to Rehear Cities on Red-Light Camera Issue

Check this out! Big news here in Florida.

By Christopher Guinn
Published: Friday, January 30, 2015 at 1:35 p.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 12:07 a.m.

LAKELAND | A state appeals court will stick by a decision on red-light cameras that many cities worry could leave them facing millions of dollars in lawsuits.

Collecting without any red light cameras

From the article: "The caller reportedly tells the victim that they owe the city money for unpaid red light camera violations and demands it be paid via a Reloadit prepaid card."


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Arlington TX Residents Want Red Light Cams on May Ballot

The only people opposing the removal are the ones that are probably getting kick backs. The voters should prevail.


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AAA article on RLC Car and Travel Jan 2015


In Yonkers injury crashes increased 29% at RLC locations and rear end crashes have nearly doubled

Staten Island--injuries have increased 35% at RLC locations

The article said local officials are being selective with the data they provide.

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