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New Speed Cameras in NYC

Just heard on NY news that a politician finally came up with a constructive idea concerning red light cameras. He want to have an alert sign to warn of an approaching red light camera. His thinking is that the idea is not to just collect revenue, but to actually discourage drivers from going thru red lights.

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Ohio Judge Rules Against Cameras

Na Ohio Judge has ruled against a Village's use of speed cameras. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/02/26/ohio-judge-halts-...

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Florida Lawmakers: Ban Red-Light Cameras

The following are quotes within the following link.



"The cameras are not about improving safety but providing an additional revenue source for counties and cities."

"Rear-end and angle crashes increased."

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Another blow for Red light camera.

When the complainant filed a suit the charge was dismissed therefore they don't have a case according to St. Louis city official. If you complaint then the city will drop the charge. If you pay the ticket, you will be call an idiot.


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No need to pay red-light tickets in Arnold, MO

This show how city used red light camera as revenue generator not for safety.


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Speed Cameras in Florida

I have lived in Florida my entire and have been familiar with red light cameras for some time. I was not aware, however, that there are speed cameras. Yesterday, while driving through Apopka, FL, my trust Garmin and POI red light and speed camera POIs alerted me to several speed cameras.

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went through a rlc intersection

on yellow. I think I've gotten the hang of it (kind of like when ABS was new, you had to just do it, not read about it in the owner's manual).

Include Zip Codes in RLC POI File?

I do not know if this would be a headache/nightmare for POI maintenance or not, so please forgive me if it would be.

Can a zip code field/column be added to the RLC POI file? The reason I ask is to make it easier to search the file geographically.

Cleveland traffic camera system unconstitutional, appellate court rules

Any thoughts from a lawyer ? Will it stick? Will the city owe refunds to those that paid a ticket by the unconstitutional flawed law, if the Ohio Supreme Court also finds them unconstitutional.


Cleveland suspends traffic camera appeal hearings because of court ruling.

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Judge orders village to repay $1.8 million from speed camera tickets

Elmwood Place is a suburb of Cincinnati. Ohio is working on a state ban on speed cameras.


Baltimore's speed cameras over-charged motorists $2.8 million dollars in 2012


City officials still refuse to release full findings (Flickr).

Baltimore's speed cameras over-charged motorists $2.8 million dollars in 2012, a secret audit conducted for the city found.

Red light bribe scandal could be widespread

Pima County, Arizona turning off speed cameras

County Supervisors voted this morning to not renew the contract for the permanent speed cameras. They were immediately turned off and should be removed within the next two weeks.

The reason? They did not generate enough revenue.


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Lights out for Tucson Pima County areas 11 speed enforcement cameras

Tucson / Pima County speed cameras contract expires 1/6/14.

"The county implemented the program in May 2009, signing a one year contract with American Traffic Solutions or ATS. The county renewed the contract four times, with the final renewal set to expire on January 5.

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Maryland Speed cameras


I just traveled to Maryland for a funeral yesterday and found the I-70 construction near Frederick is now complete and the following 2 construction speed cameras and signs have been removed.

702- Speed 55 - I-70 construction zone EB
MD Frederick poi-factory Dec25 13

703- Speed 55 - I-70 construction zone WB
MD Frederick poi-factory Dec25 13

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OH judge says efficiency not good case for traffic cameras

Ohio judge says efficiency not good case for traffic cameras


DAN SEWELL Associated Press Published: December 19, 2013 3:01PM

CINCINNATI (AP) -- An Ohio judge rebuffed an argument Thursday that using traffic cameras make law enforcement more efficient, stating sharply that violating motorists' rights isn't the American way.

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Speed Cameras - Alert by Distance?

There are 2 options to load speed camera alerts - Speed or Distance. Will I still get alerted on Garmin if I load by distance rather than speed? I would like to know when I'm coming up to one. I have a Garmin 2360LMT.

Arnold’s red light camera law is unconstitutional

ARNOLD, MO (KTVI)– The appeals court for Missouri’s eastern district ruled Tuesday that Arnold’s red light camera law is unconstitutional.

Arnold was the first city in Missouri to use red-light cameras.

The case now heads to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Speed limit reduced on MD 410 (East-West Hwy) in Hyattsville

I appears that the speed limit has been reduced on MD 410 in Hyattsville near Prince Georges Plaza. Speed limit was 40MPH westbound, now there is a 35MPH speed limit sign in the median at the location of the speed camera. The 40MPH speed limit sign is still in place (located just before Queens Chapel Road).

2 tx towns plan on blocking vehicle registration.

"People who owe Plano and Grand Prairie civil fines for running red lights will soon have their vehicle registrations blocked by the state"


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