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I recently downloaded the red-light and speed cameras POI files. The speed camera data is entered in mph, but in Canada we use kph. I noticed that the POI loader asks what units should be used for speed and distance. What should I choose in order for the correct conversion, or what needs to be done for accurate conversion?


-111.78836 33.379 R/Speed 45 - Gilbert & Baseline @45 AZ Mesa poi-factory Mar09 22

"@45" is meant o be 45 mph, (Canada = 72.5 km/hr)

Chris Love, P.Eng.

All the speeds are entered

All the speeds are entered in the file as MPH. Even the Canadian ones. If you choose KPH in POI Loader, it should convert all the speed limits to KPH in the .GpI file that gets installed.

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I have found the POI loader

I have found the POI loader to be flaky when converting. Some versions have worked perfectly and some not so much.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

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Set it to KPH.

Set it to KPH.

POI Loader Setting vs GPS Setting

The setting in POI Loader indicates what units the source file contains. In the case of red light / speed cameras, the default "MPH" setting should be used.

On the GPS, there is a setting that indicates how the information should be displayed. For USA, the GPS setting should be set to MPH. For Canada, the GPS setting should be set to KPH.