Created content in Garmin & TomTom


Does anyone know which new TomTom & Garmin devices allow you to add user created content (POI)? I think TomTom has eliminated this feature.


The content doesn’t name specific models but it would appear that TomTom still can utilize a POI.

John from PA


all tomtoms can POI, sounds, voices, icons
older ones using tomtom home can add map overlays
I have one from 2008 kept it because I can add the farm trails, the maps at home have NOT changed in 30 years, and its glued to the dash of a calf chaser
two that are 2014,
two made in January 2022
just the nice simple explorer drag n drop file manager interface, of the first 3 (tomtom home)
has been replaced with a more cumbersome web interface (tomtom mydrive)

edit: there has been one change, Stuart Highway is paved
edit: the whole Australia map is 329MB the overlays made for philip creek station are 100mb (1m definintion)
edit: calf chaser, beat up 4wd for mustering
(home -19.43509194070237, 134.2097941086788)

the title of my autiobiography "Mistakes have been made"