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Transparent BMP icons

How does one keep transparency when making an icon. Somewhere I read that using RBG 255,0 255 would do. That did not work on my sample and shows as magenta. (numbers could off as I am going by memory)

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Make sure you use 8bit,

Make sure you use 8bit, 256colour settings when you save.

Thanks for all you work..

Thanks for all your hard work on the bmp files. Use them, love them.

Garmin icons and sizes

I noticed a question about Garmin icon sizes. For educational purposes, you can extract and see the Garmin icons and symbols used on your GPS. The tool will also show you each icon's resolution.

To do this, you need:

1- Download or have a copy of your GPS's software you got from Garmin. Could be an RGN file or a GCD file.

2- Use RGN_Tool to extract the resource.bin file from your RGN or GCD file. Just click the Save button in the resource.bin section.

3- Use GIR_Editor to open the resource.bin file you just extracted. You will view all the symbols and icons used by your GPS. You can Right Click to extract one symbol or all of them. Needless to say you can Double Click on the symbol and replace it with a new one (to be usedful, you need obviously to replace the old resource.bin file from your GCD or RGN file with the new resource.bin file)

Both RGN_tool and GIR_Editor can be found here:

Obviously, this is for educational purposes but it should answer your question (and possibly generate new ones).



please help... how come all my icons are just blue dots on my gps? cant figure this one out. thank you very much

The default dot

garydean wrote:

please help... how come all my icons are just blue dots on my gps? cant figure this one out. thank you very much

It appears you have the default Garmin "dot" which means your custom bmp files were not loaded with the POI (csv or gpx files) when loaded to a GPS with POI Loader.

Check or recheck the FAQs below, then come back with questions if these don't let you solve it yourself:

Common causes of no custom icons include not exactly matching filenames of the POI file and bmp; and for PC users, having double extensions due to a PC's default setting of hiding extensions for known file types.

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