Car 2 Car Communications System


Cars that think for themselves are hard to build and harder to trust. Cars that talk to each other while they're on the road in the same way printers or servers on the same network talk, on the other hand, could make highway driving much more efficient and a lot safer.

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Connected vehicles

The program being developed in Michigan is called Connected Vehicle and uses radio frequencies that Cisco now wants for WiFi use. If Congress grants Cisco's request and reallocates the spectrum it can cost over 33,000 needles deaths each year. So, the question is if having more spectrum for WiFi is worth a life. Write your congress critters and tell them not to reallocate the DSRC spectrum.

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Cars that communicate = cars that can be hacked

There is a growing concern that the computers that already run most of our car systems are susceptible to hacking. One such article is here:

And another article here:

Hacking into my tire sensors? Good Grief!