" This feature is not available for United States in American English"


Here is my fix Just in case you get this message while using the voice command on the NUVI:

I spoke a voice command to find an INTERSECTION and my 3490 LMT responded with a message that "This feature is not available for the United States in American English".

I did some research and I found the problem right away. Apparently my Garmin Lifetime Updater only updated 2 of the 3 maps even though the Updater program said it completed successfully. The problem was the map file. When going through the map update procedure make sure you select the full North America map file. Not the NA plus Canada.

I ran the map updater a 2nd time, checked to see that all 3 maps were installed and ran the voice command once more. My problem was fixed.

Hope this helps!

good catch!

Very good catch -- the problem with terse error messages not really telling you what's going on.

It's like the dog barking at the back door -- is something in the yard that needs to be chased, or is he saying, let me out NOW or clean up the floor?

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K6rtm you are right that i

K6rtm you are right that i was able to find it quickly since the NUVI messages don't tell you what the problem is.

Nice to know

Nice to know. You saved a bunch of people a bunch of aggravation.

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Thanks -

Thanks for the information.

Thank you!

I just ran into this problem in 2023, but I do have the correct map.

The issue on the Garmin nuvi 2495 LMT was that the last map update could not be installed because of insufficient memory.

I added a 32GB microSD class 10 card (the maximum this device supports), installed the latest map and all is good.

Sometimes little things can cause weird issued at other functions, it is always the best to keep everything up-to-date.

Hope this helps out. Had to create an account with a temporary email address first before this page allowed me to comment, but no problem.


Same problem with the nüvi 855

I think that loss of voice commands when the FULL NA maps are not installed has been a feature with Garmin for a long time. My recollection with updating my nüvi 855 is that Garmin Express put up a message stating that voice commands would be lost if the FULL NA map wasn't installed.