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Ordnance Survey and mountaineers monitor GPS-4G debate

A row over access to radio signals in the US could have implications for the future of GPS use in the UK, according to Ordnance Survey (OS).

Lightsquared again

Lightsquared is back to blaming GPSr manufacturers for using too much spectrum:


In a statement last month, LightSquared said GPS used a band of radio spectrum 8.5-times wider than recommended.
The company said its operations could be filtered out so they did not interfere with GPS.

So when does the "boycott Lightsquared" movement start?

Lightsquared continues to do

Lightsquared continues to do full page advertisements in the Washington Post on how the GPS guys are at fault in not improving their technology. It aruges that it has the spectrum & the existing industry is responsible for any interference problems. I think this has gotten SO visible that they can't proceed without significant interference with GPS owners all over the country. Not even politicians can survive that in the pres-2012 election environment.


old story

For me it all sounds like story as old as people history. LightSquared tried to introduce their technology but somebody f... up big time and didn't check for possibility of interfering with other frequencies.

But one hell of money was spend already and it seems that they are not able cheaply adjust their technology to not interfere with GPS. So what choice they have? They can go belly up or try to spend more money on changes in their technology. Or even better if somebody else will pay to change his technology.

So somebody has to take blame. And somehow I don't see company's top brass to just admit that it is their fault. It's much easier to blame somebody else, let's say GPS industry.