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Just got back from a trip to Oregon, had set up my Garmin 650 for rest stop alerts at 5280 feet using the manual entry for the POI Loader. Well it only worked when you were in the rest area parking lot! It used to work exactly at the 1 mile mark. I have the sound of the toliet flushing, I changed from the sound "rest stop ahead". Any ideas?



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765t, no problems

I have mine to go off with the toilet flush too, with it set at 3 miles. It works as well after the update as before. Wish I could be of help. Lot of ills are rectalfied by doing a hard reset. Just be sure to back up the favorites, or they will be gone. Try loading the rest stops again. Setting it to 2 miles, same file names. That is all I can tell you to do. It should work as before. Maybe others on here can empathise, with similar problem, with better solution.

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I found it is best to set distance at 12,000 feet which gives my wife time to decide if we are stopping or not. I've had no problems with this distance and the current POI file.

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I manually set my rest stop

I manually set my rest stop alert at two miles and added it to the Gamin in TourGuide mode. This way if the rest area is off the road with a long ramp it will still be picked up and announced by the Garmin a sufficient distance away to get over to the right lane and prepare to exit. So far this has worked the best for rest areas.


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It's happened to me

It's happened to me sometimes with other POIs too, not just rest stop. Any idea how to fix it? The sound really weird like slow motion voice.

Rest Areas Combined Alerts

If you are using the "Rest Areas Combined" file here on POI Factory you should have no problem getting alerts if loaded to GPS with POI Loader in manual mode and setting a reasonable distance - greater than several hundred feet.
The coordinates for the rest area are set to the entrance to the Exit ramp which are usually within 30-40 feet of the highway.
I just completed a 5000 + mile trip in the past week and all the rest areas in the latest version of the file alerted me properly. I would estimate that I went by 60 rest areas on the trip.

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Busman's holiday

MrKenFL wrote:

I just completed a 5000 + mile trip in the past week... I would estimate that I went by 60 rest areas on the trip.

MrKenFL...driving by rest areas...a true busman's holiday! Thanks, as always!