my Dashboard vs WebUpdater...which should I use?


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First off, to see what firmware (or "System Software" in Garmin-speak) is on your unit, press Tools>Settings>System>About. The "Software Version" number should be displayed in the upper-right corner.

For example: Software Version 4.60

myDashboard vs WebUpdater

myDashboard does not specifically tell you what is being updated on your GPS nor does it give you the option to select which updates you want to install. It will also always state "Updating Firmware" regardless of what is being updated. Yes, it does update the firmware on the unit but there are also additional updates as well that may also be available for the unit. These additional updates can be GPS Chipset updates, voice updates, help & text file updates, GTM xx updates (FM traffic receiver), GDB 5x updates (MSN Direct receiver), etc. For example, when myDashboard updates voices, it updates ALL the voices on the unit, regardless of if you use them or not which can be quite time consuming to download and install. Using WebUpdater in this case, you can update just the voice you are using rather than all of the voices on the unit.

Using WebUpdater instead of myDashboard will allow the user to see exactly what updates are available for the unit and gives the user the option to update or not update those components.

You can also use a combination of myDashboard along with WebUpdater as I do. Use myDashboard (if you're already in your browser) to see if any updates are available. If there are, switch to WebUpdater to see exactly what updates are available and update those which you are interested in applying to the unit.

You can download WebUpdater from the Garmin website:

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It's Stickey Time.

This needs be be in the FAQ's. Good job!

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the only problem

The only problem I had is trying to do the Jill update. Webupdater wouldn't find it, even after trying multiple days. Used the Dashboard and it loaded.

(And yes, I know to look for additional updates and it SHOULD be at the top of the list, but I scrolled through just to be certain.)

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Thanks for listing this information

This is great information. Thanks.

I have also noticed that some time Jill isn't listed on the Web updater and some time she is. Don't know why this happens but was about to update her on Web updater a few weeks ago when she showed up.

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I use webupdater all the

I use webupdater all the time since as stated before my dashboard does not show you the updates. I also think that my dashboard is buggy...I was doing a firmware update and it kept saying updating for more than 30 minutes. I had to cancel the process and use webupdater.

Definitely webupdater all

Definitely webupdater all the way

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Dumb guy question, What is

Dumb guy question, What is "Dashboard" and where do you get it???

I always use webupdater, It was recently updated this past March.


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It's part of mygarmin

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Dumb guy question, What is "Dashboard" and where do you get it???

I always use webupdater, It was recently updated this past March.


myDashboard is found on mygarmin

Sign in, or create an account and register your devices if you haven't already, then you can check your myDashboard while your GPS is connected to the computer.

As others have said, use webupdater for most updates. myDashboard is the place to go, though, to see if your device has a map update and to download map updates when they come out.

I prefer using/checking both methods for updates

I do like the fact that web updater gives you the opportunity to pick and choose the updates but for about the last six months I've "accidentally" noticed that MyDashboard is pushing out updates when Web Updater is indicating that none are available. I've seen this twice on a 755T.

You can also figure out what MyDashboard is updating but it, more often than not, takes some digging. I try to identify by letting MyDashboard do the updates and then checking the GPS file dates before disconnecting the GPS and doing the re-boot. If you let it re-boot some of the update files disappear and by then it's top late to stop them if you care to do that. You can easily identify the update files this way but most are named with Garmin part numbers and you might have to look through a parts manifest or sometimes an XML or even look at it with a HEX to learn what the file is used for (and you can't always tell). Even a web search can get you info on some of the stuff.

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Thanks ....

for the aforementioned information...I have always preferred "WebUpdater" myself, it's something about me being in better control...or is it just a false feeling of power over something that I think is smarter than I am? I dunno at this point, oh well....

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