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Nuvi 1490 and Bluetooth with Samsung phone


I have a new Samsung phone SCH-u370 and not all the time does it completely connect to the Nuvi 1490. It only connects partially-buy this I mean the phone book on the phone doesn't always connect. This happens about 50% of the time! Any ideas???

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Your phone isn't on Garmin's list of supported phones, so "officially" it isn't supported with your 1490T.

The HTC phone I use isn't supported either. Once upon a time the phone book used to transfer flawlessly to my 760.

Today it still pairs, but the phone book is no longer displayed (been that way for over a year). Caused by updated firmware or maps? I don't know.

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76 csx & Nuvi 1490t


I have got complete pairing with a few devices I own, and still own presently. My Samsung pairs well, and it's not even a US device.

It seems this may be hit and miss.

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Droid X

I had a Motorola Droid phone that even though it was on the approved list for the 1490T it would not work properly. I fixed it though....returned it for a 2450LM without blue-tooth and bought a plantronics blue-tooth that works great.

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No problems

I have a Samsung phone and a 1490 and don't appear to have any problems. Takes about 10 seconds to pair up and then maybe 30-45 seconds for my phone directory to load onto the 1490.
If I have them paired up and take the cell a significant distance from the GPS it loses signal and lock and I find the easiest way to "reacquire" is to shut down the GPS and restart it. I have an off-on switch on my power cable from my cigarette lighter in the car so it makes it fairly easy.

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That's really useful to

That's really useful to know. I guess you have to try it out before you decide to keep it.


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