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So who here enjoys bigfoot stories and what not? At the begining of the year I worked on some POI files with information that I got from (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). They are the locations from all the bigfoot sightings in the USA from the date of the famous Patterson footage location all the way until the begining of 2009. I have been reluctant to post them just because it wasnt my data but I think that as long as I give them credit on the poi it will be ok. There are 3 depending on the class rating of the sighting. Class A is a visible sighting or a physical encounter. Class B is an audible encounter (roars and screams heard in the forest) and class C is things like track sightings. I love being able to drive through the mountains and have my GPS alert me when I come withing 5 miles of a sighting. Most of them have the url to the sighting report so if you have the internet on your phone you can look it up and read what happened. Is there anyone that would be interested in thes poi files? If so I would be willing to share them with you all. Took me about 3 weeks to complete it but I love it!

POI Packages

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Tom Tom Version

I never got around to releasing a tom tom version on the site but want to with the next update. Anyone willing to try it out for me to make sure it plays nice with their tom tom? I've only got a Garmin Nuvi...


Hey everyone. Im almost done with the latest files which cover up until the end of July 2010...keep your eyes open for them! smile


Hey everyone! I just updated all three files. I'm working on getting the tom tom versions up. I'm not quite sure how to add them to the same POI page along side with the gpx files. Anyone know how to do this? Anyways, these files cover up until the end of July 2010. Enjoy!

are you going to make a

are you going to make a garmin file ?
does GPX files work for garmin?

i think garmin only accepts the comma seperated types of files?

DriveSmart 50, DriveSmart 60, nuvi 2595, nuvi 3760,


Garmin accepts gpx. My unit does at least....Nuvi 205w


This will not work with my Magellan 1440 but I can import these into Google earth. In google earth, go to the Tools menu, then GPS, and Import from File.


Thank you. Been looking forward to the update.

Need help..

Have anyone uploaded this to an iPhone? If so, please let me know how to do this..thanks

There might be an app for that.... soon

Currently in beta testing is an app that has poi import features.
Looks good so far.

first timer trouble

Saw link on BFRO-

Trying to get these onto my wife's new christmas garmin nuvi. every time i try to put these in through the Garmin POI loader it says that it cannot find the files.

I download them (i have a mac) and then they show up as

Bigfoot sightings Class A.gpx.xml


that didn't work.

i tried to delete the .xml off of the end but those didn't work either.

Tried looking through FAQ, any help would be appreciated!

Poi Loader

Do you have the software POI LOADER from Garmin's website installed?

I think I remember Apple computers having problems with POI LOADER, but I am not sure.
Save the file to a folder ( mine is named poi ) when you load POI LOADER you have to direct it to the folder you saved the files to.

Have you tried EXTRA POI LOADER by turboccc?
It is very highly recommended.

i looked at that other poi

i looked at that other poi loader, and there is no mac version!

quite frustrating....that the garmin poi for mac wouldnt work. i hve all the files .gpx, though they downloaded .gpx.xml and that didnt work so i deleted the .xml off the end. didnt work either.

its a garmin nuvi 1300

i looked at that other poi

i looked at that other poi loader, and there is no mac version!

quite frustrating....that the garmin poi for mac wouldnt work. i hve all the files .gpx, though they downloaded .gpx.xml and that didnt work so i deleted the .xml off the end. didnt work either.

its a garmin nuvi 1300


I have successfully converted the files to ov2 format form my TomTom XXL. I did the class B reports on my gps my problem is I am literally getting only 15 total sightings. Space isn't a problem either, I was wondering if anyone knew a way to fix this problem. thanks

tomtom files

I own a tomtom and would be very pleased if you could get those files up as soon as possible! thank you

TomTom FIles

Hi chasetorres, unfortunately I cannot upload tom tom files to the site. Im not sure why but I guess its like that throughout the entire site. I can however direct you to the TomTom FAQ poi factory has that gives instructions on how to convert POI files to .ov2 (the TomTom format).
The FAQ is here:

and instructions for converting here:

I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope it works out. If you have any trouble you can PM me and I might be able to assist you. Enjoy the files!


any updates in the future

1350 ready for... bigfoot

So, armed with all of the data that dgwood12 posted here's what I have done.
1. I renamed the file to TourGuide
2. Next I went to
and created the message: "Caution, bigfoot sighting ahead", using Rich (US English) as he sounds like Anton Chigurh (the bad*ss in "No Country For Old Men")
3. Next I created a 22x22 .bmp bigfoot image.
4. Put them in my TourGuide subdirectory and downloaded them to my Garmin 1350 and set the proximity warning t0 32000kms (approx 20miles).

I tested the TourGuide function with entries at 5, 10, 15 and 20 miles and got the warnings working and now my long suffering wife of 44+ years says she never wants to hear that; "Caution, Bigfoot..." message again or else I can go be a bigfoot all by myself...

TourGuide Bigfoot_Class_A.gpx
TourGuide Bigfoot_Class_A.wav
TourGuide Bigfoot_Class_A.bmp

Kudos to dgwood12 for collecting and posting the data and others who helped me figure out how to make TourGuides work on my 1350 - great forum!

Now what I need to happen is to be driving with a friend and the 1350 to fire off; "Caution, bigfoot sighting..."



deadhead1971 wrote:

any updates in the future

Ive been very busy lately but will try and work on an update soon.


Any updates? This is sooo cool.

NUVI40 Kingsport TN


Will there be any updates to this batch? Newer reports being added?

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