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So I have a Zumo 595 and I have the POIs Sw loaded on my PC. I went into Basecamp and made several Waypoints (like water falls, Gas stations and places to eat) and saved them in a separate file. I exported them to my PC and ran the POI sw and saved them to my 595.

When I am driving a long a track or a route. The POI (waypoint) is along my path, the GPS barely does anything. There is a scroll at the top that says "catfish cabin" or "seven falls" and thats it. The Flag or other icon is so small I miss almost all of them.

How do I make them bigger or more noticeable on my unit?



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If your POIs are Custom POIs; i.e., loaded to the zumo with Garmin's POILoader program, you can add custom icons. Here's a Tutorial describing the addition of custom icons and custom audio alerts to your POIs:


Note that you can just go with icons as there's no need to add custom audio unless you want them. Even if you do want custom audio, I suggest trying and becoming comfortable with adding custom icons first, then go for the audio.

If you loaded your POIs as Favorites or Saved Places rather than as Custom POIs, then the above suggestion won't work. But to select different icons for Saved or Favorites, your zumo will let you edit these saved places and you can rename them, choose a different (but a rather limited selection) of icons, etc.

Check through the link offered above and give it a try. Shout if you have further questions.

A lot of info

A lot of info here.......

thanks. I am was frustrated.

I wont do audio as I dont need a GPS talking to me, I look down and follow a tracks or a route. Well not much of a route guy. I was told to do routes, so I could see my POIs......


Routes: why they suck.....

Are you out on a ride or not? are you trying to go see some cool stuff? They why do you want some device or voice telling you to make a turn in "X amount of" distance? Are you on an adventure or are you someone who blindly follows anything that tells you what to do? If you go off the route, lets say for a closed road, due to a bridge washed out.........Maybe the county did not maintain a road or the water crossing is too high, the damn thing keeps telling me to turn around. Or take next turn to get back on route, MAYBE I GOT OFF ROUTE FOR A REASON!

"Hey I need some fuel or a Ham sandwich"

"I did some research before this ride and there is a waterfall/swim hole a few miles down this dead end"

"Hey this road looks cool, and it will still take me to where I want to go or in the same direction as my destination"

Cant do that on a route, the GPS freaks out, like if my Mom was with me. "Now Patrick this is the road you planned on going down, should you really be doing this?"

Besides I have countless tracks/places that I have ridden that are not a road.......How can I do a route that takes me down a single track? What happens when farmers and Forrest Workers make new roads or paths that the GPS just cant seem to realize that is there.

I have so many waypoints that I need to make into POIs, what is the easiest.......it cant be this hard to figure out can it?



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sussamb wrote:

This may help https://www.newenglandriders.org/GPS/Learn_BaseCamp.htm

I will give it a look see, thanks!!!! I am starting to wonder if I am asking for something that is NOT possible.


no luck

well nothing so far



I donwloaded the info above. All it is, is a AAA icon and some AAAinfo.

What am I missing?



I find it hard to believe that no one else uses a 595.


Well ...

You'll find more 595 users here I suspect https://www.zumouserforums.co.uk/

Where there's a will ... there's a way ... DriveSmart50LMT-D, Nuvi 2508LMT-D, 1490LMT, 1310, Montana 650T, Etrex 20