TomTom OV2 | How do I convert POI files to TomTom OV2 format?


POI files that are in CSV or GPX files need to be converted to OV2 format before they can be used on a TomTom nav system.

Extra_POI_Editor is an outstanding software package that can read and write POI files in several formats, including CSV, GPX, and OV2. It's available from this web site:

Another package, PoiEdit is a PC software package that can do this, but it has some limitations.

  • Open the CSV file with PoiEdit (remember to select Garmin CSV as the file type)
  • Then, use "Save As" and select TomTom OV2 as the file type.

PoiEdit works fine for CSV files with single line descriptions (like the red light cameras file). However, it seems to have problems with more complex files that have multi-line descriptions.

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