How did you find the POI factory?


We are seeing a lot of new members on these forums. I think it is great. They all have one thing in common. They all found, stumbled upon, found a link, etc. to the POI factory. I think that I saw a link on a review of GPSs, on line. I have told my friends by word of mouth.
I love to read the back of menus and learn the history of where I am eating. so I would love to know the background of The POI Factory.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T
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The Wild Wild Internet

I found this site by reading an article on MSN one day. I went to the site and well as they say "I decided to lurk and stay awhile" wink


Off New to this


New to this and trying to figure out how to create a POI file. smile

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Look under the tabs that are on the top of every page and go to the "faq". You will see an answer to your question.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T

Hmm, it's been a while for

Hmm, it's been a while for me, but I think I heard something about redlight files and googled them, and POI Factory came up.. What a great find too!

I found this site when I

I found this site when I searched custom pois on google. It is probably the best gps sight I have come across to date. Thanks to everyone on this site who has helped me through some of the gps problems I have come across.

I find the site on the

I find the site on the garmin page and it seemed to be the best and most useful.

Found This Site Thru...


Nuvi360 website

As a new GPS owner I discovered your link at the website.

POI-factory looked like it would be a good source of information for a new user and it has kept that promise.

Thanks everyone!

KR Nuvi 200W

How did you hear

Google search

Found POI Factory

by rummaging around when I bought my first gps, a Magellan Roadmate 700!

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Don't remember

I guess it is one of those "getting old" things. I'm still cooking my memory-rejuvenation pill

How I found the POI Factory

I took a business trip with someone that had a Garmin. Just had to buy one. Started searching for information, and found this site. Great place with loads of information!

Search Many

I was looking for sites with all the speed cameras and redlight cameras. This was the only site that when you clicked on the redlight cameras I saw Phx Az. So I signed up and it's been a blast. Not only did I get what I wanted I go so much more on how to set up My Nuvi 760. Great Place to just hang out when I not busy.

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I found it when I did a

I found it when I did a google search on custom pois and I'm sure glad I did. There is some wonderful info on this site. Thanks to all the members and maintainers.


Yeah. What he said!

"I was wearing out the Garmin site getting ready for my new GPS to arrive. I was looking for POI's that will be available so I went to extra's/POI's. Of the site's listed this one was by far the most promising so here I am. What I've seen so far looks like just what I'm looking for. Looking forward to being a contributor to the community."

Couldn't have said it better! smile

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Tell'um Magellan sent ya

Last winter when I owned a Magellan, I phoned trying to get info on updating their POI files. The customer service agent told me to go to POI-factory. That was THE best information Magellan ever came up with!

I was looking for taro root recipes...

...and just typed in poi-factory. Much to my surprise, it was about GPSs.

How Did You Find the POI Factory

Garmin website!

Up on your way, hit the open road, there is magic at your fingers......


Googled for "poi" and "speed" a few months back. POI Factory link was within the first screen of hits.


Garmin Nüvi 265W

I found it thru Garmin when I bought my Nuvi 2 years ago...

...and way back when this site had a grand total of about 10 files on it, rather slim pickens. But I treated Miss POI to a salad at the time (her idea for a donation; whatever happened to those?) It's grown a great deal since then.


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Discovered this site on the

Discovered this site on the Zumo Forums. Great site and a bunch of POI's to choose from. It has been a bunch of hard work put in by a lot of people.

I bought my first GPS and planned on using the custom POIs for the traffic cameras so I googled "freeway camera locations in arizona" and in the result description for it says "POI Factory has a free database of camera locations for GPS users."
I clicked the link and it took me to some news article. After searching the page a bit on the right under "related links" was There is another link there that has all the locations but not the GPS coordinates. I remember so much because it was like 2 weeks ago.

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Another google

As others, I found this site by doing a google search on poi and red light cameras.

I've owned GPS units since my GPS III+ but recently bought a Nuvi 750, the first one I could upload custom alert POIs.

I found it on POI-Facotry is a great site. I have learned a lot about my GPS.

Garmin Nuvi 760

The Internet

My wife gave me a Nuvi 660 a Christmas gift. After reading the instructions and visiting Garmin’s site, I knew I wanted more information. I did a Google search for poi's and ended up here. I quickly found that there was no reason to search any further and I've been here daily ever since.



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I don't remember but i think

I don't remember but i think i was googling ))

Google all is well

Got a garmin 750 for my birthday and I extremely love it. I was looking for updates and upgardes for it and stumled on this site. Whoot! cool

pcatch135 wrote:How did

pcatch135 wrote:

How did you find the POI Factory?


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I must admit, I ran a search

I must admit, I ran a search for POI in Google and this site was the 3rd one down in the results.

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From the Garmin Site


Garmin Nuvi 750

How did u find

google, 3rd listing on page. Gr8t site. Shall info friends of this site.

How I found POI Factory

Garmin techs reccomended it as one of the "best" places. They said POI Factory and another (don't remember the name). I went to both, and this was friendly, easy to use and I stayed.

How I found POI Factory

Found from

Nuvi 255W

Garmin Website

I found POI Factory from the Garmin website also...

How did you find the POI factory?

Garmin website. Love this website and looking for tour routes with great places to eat.

Ready to travel!!!

How Did I Find POI Factory

I receiveed a GPS as a gift and was searching for additional POIs to add, specifically red light camera locations.

I'm a newbie and am just

I'm a newbie and am just learning about GPS and POI's. The POI software that came with my Magellan leaves much to be desired like... how and the heck do I populate this world map with GPS coordinates and POI's? The first google search with "POI Megellan" lead me here within the first 10 options.

- Larry

Garmin web site

I found POI-Factory from a link on the Garmin web site. I was looking at their support information and came across the link.

POI Factory

I found this site with google once I knew that you could upload to my new Garmin 760. Very good site for us GPS'Rs


Found POI Factory via google search

Google search while

Google search while researching my purchase which turned out to be a nuvi 765T

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i googled redlight cameras

i googled redlight cameras

Found it

My memory is not good enough to exactly remember but I think it was either from the Garmin site or Google like most others or maybe my dog suggested it.

How did I find it?

User's on the forum highly recommend this site.

Jeff...... Nuvi 2460, Nuvi 2595

I found it at the Garmin site. smile


I think I was google searching for Phoenix speed camera POI's or something, and found this website..

How I found POI-factory

After I purchaced my first GPS I Googled Red light camera's and poi and found it.

Poi Factory

Found by doing a POI search.

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