How did you find the POI factory?


We are seeing a lot of new members on these forums. I think it is great. They all have one thing in common. They all found, stumbled upon, found a link, etc. to the POI factory. I think that I saw a link on a review of GPSs, on line. I have told my friends by word of mouth.
I love to read the back of menus and learn the history of where I am eating. so I would love to know the background of The POI Factory.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T
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I found out that Garmin GPS units accept custom POI and went looking for a place to get some.

I bought my Garmin c550 last

I bought my Garmin c550 last year to help map traveling for work. I was hoping to learn about plugging in my business prospects, so when I'm on the road, I can see that I'm near this business or that business-it just makes sence.

I joined after coming to this site after reading an article I found at about fuzzbusters.

This is something I wanted to learn about, but didn't know where to look.


... and thanks for that!

miss poi wrote:

I found the name for this site in my imagination smile and am enjoying sharing it with the rest of you.

Miss POI

And the windmill???????

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Miss POI
Once upon a Time.....? Ok, I will buy you thougth about it, but as we know there has to be a lot more to the story. From your mind to where we are today.
It is time to come clean.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T

Ok here is the story

As you know we are not the first to create a site like this. We saw a few sites out there but Jon and I saw that there was still room in the marketplace to create something that would take POI File creation to a new level.

We really wanted to build a close community of users that would work together on projects and bond as a online group.

Jon and I came up with the windmill to off set any negative stereotypes of what a "Factory" is. So we use the windmill to project a clean image of what our Factory is all about.

What is really funny is some of the emails that we get from schools that would like to come take a tour of the POI Factory. Ya we found that a bit fishy;)

Jon and I are really happy with where the site has gone in the last 2 years. You all have more then exceeded any expectation or dream that we had in the early stages of developing this site.

We still have so much work to do still to create the vision that we started with but these things take time and many hours of programing. We will always evolve and make improvements based on the community needs and desires.

Miss POI

Finding The POI !!!

Miss Poi,

I sort of like my STORY better!! LOL

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You are silly

H Hannah,
Your story had me in a fit of giggles. I really love the avatar entertainment that you have been providing lately. You have a great sense of humor.

Miss POI

From the Garmin Site

Like others, I found your URL on the Garmin site. After registering and updating (for free) the maps on my new 260W, I explored around the Garmin site and found their Garmin Extras page, from there, the POI Loader, and then POI Sources. It wasn't easy to find!

I checked several sites they have listed and this one is the best of the bunch!

Tuckahoe Mike - Nuvi 3490LMT, Nuvi 260W, iPhone X, Mazda MX-5 Nav

How Did You Find The POI Factory

garmin site

I found the link in an MSN

I found the link in an MSN article. garmin 296, nuvi 200, 250



Reinventing the "Fuzzbuster"

Daniel McGinn wrote an article that was posted on MSN about fuzzbusters. He mentioned the Traffic light camera listings on poi-factory. I did a search to find the website.

NUVI 760

How did I find POI Factory?

Good ol' Google, it was the first hit.

Google search

Just purchased my first GPS unit and was searching for interesting custom POIs. Google search found poi-factory.

I found POI from reference in an online Newsweek article

See Reinventing the ‘Fuzzbuster’ (

One thing about poi

It looks like ice cream but it's not..... rolleyes

H Hannah wrote:

I was in Honolulu, Hawaii last summer. I had just bought my Nuvi750 from Best Buy. I had decided to take it on my trip to Hawaii.

I had been visiting and old friend at the Kapalama Military Reservation in Honolulu. We talked about old times in the Navy here in the late 50s and early 60s.

We started to reminisce about the old Hotel Street with all the sailor bars, and just how much fun it had been.

So I decided I needed to retrace my steps here from an earlier time. I programmed a route into my Nuvi, to get from where I was at to get me to my old stomping grounds on Hotel Street.

To make a long story short I was routed up Libby St. then left on Nimitz Hwy then right to Smith St them left to Hotel St.

Just after I started northeast on Libby St. I noticed a sign saying HPC Foods, Ltd and as I got closer I saw smaller letters POI Factory. Well I was surprised and amazed at the same time. Here was my first POI Factory I ever had found.

Well as it turns out later I found more.

I guess it is like when you buy a new car, you never pay much attention to that model until you have your first, then you start noticing them all over the place.

I guess I probably saw at least 15 large and small, mom and pop, POI factories in the next week.

I know it meant a lot to me. I was surprised at just how much it must mean to others to find their first POI Factory. Here on this sight a lot of people were giving their answer to the question: How Did I Find The POI Factory.

I'm very grateful for you to let me tell my story here.

Thanks to you all, you've made me very happy.

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I was reading the news this morning and found a reference to this site on Here is a link to the article.

Great site. This will be a big help with the GPS I got for Father's Day.


POI Factory Website

I believe I found this site linked to the Garmin web site also. I wished I had known about it before my recent Arizona trip.

How did you find the POI factory?

I am a newbie to using a GPS in my car having just received one last week for Father's Day. I have been tracking my twice per day workouts using a GPS that times, paces, records and maps my progress along with verbal prompts during my workout for about a year. So, I am somewhat familiar with the capabilities.

I did a Google search for "GPS POIs" and found POI Factory and other sites.

This site seems to be the most comprehensive for POIs. The Garmin site with support is also great. My Nuvi 200 was so intuitive right out of the box I hardly used the manual!

I am interested in reading the FAQs and other postings on this site to learn all my new GPS is capable of.

Thanks to all who contribute I am really enjoying my new travel tool.

How I found POI Factory

A friend sent me a link to a Newsweek article by Daniel McGinn. The article was "Reinventing the ‘Fuzzbuster’" and mentioned the POI Factory. McGinn's article was mainly about speeding, but since I'm one of the ten slowest drivers in the US, I was more interested in files about libraries, Paneras, and wifi sites. Looks like a great site!

I was looking for red light

I was looking for red light camera POIs on google and it led me here.


I was just searching out all kinds of GPS stuff when I got my 550. Stumbled across this site somehow.

GO YANKEES!!!!!! laugh out loud

how did you find poi

I was reading an article on msn web site about reinventing the fuzzbuster and found a mention of POI fact. Googled it and the rest as they say...
I am using a very old emap by garmin so unless I am misreading garmin it isn't compatible with anything but it still works and until it doesn't I will stick with it.

Just bought my first

Just bought my first navigation device, registered on and found the link from there. One of the big factors in more traffic to this site is the drop in prices across the board for very nice devices.

Also from the Garmin site.

Also from the Garmin site. I have only been looking up custom poi for an hour, but I have to admit, your site looks like a winner! thank you.

I found this site looking

I found this site looking around the garmin site. Tried all the other sites and found poi-factory the most informative and easy to navigate.



nuvi 2460LMT

How did you find the POI-factory?

Zechpull told me about it shortly after I bought my first TT...a OneV3...this is a great place!!!...and even better people! Thanks for being here!

tomtom GO930

What else...

Google FTW

I read about the site in a

I read about the site in a newspaper article today. The article was about radar detectors adding gps/camera technology- so I found this great site.

Looks like Newsweek is

Looks like Newsweek is getting us a lot of new members. grin

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Found it by searching for POI's to load on my new toy.

Louie Lou Nuvi 770

Google Search

Google Search just over a year ago, looking for Ford dealers POI file in Canada.

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Not sure what happend, but

Not sure what happend, but it was in the top ten on google trends this weekend.Here is the link.

Same Here

New Garmin, Google search and Viola!

Nuvi 680, Magellan 300

Another Google Search Gem

I had just bought my first GPS, a Nüvi 660.
I found the POI factory while Googleing for POI information. There were a lot of other hits but this was/is the best site... for POI info and so much more.
general info, how-to's, POI generator, and scads of pre-generated POI's from the many helpful members.
Love this site.
Go Nüvi!

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On the Garmin web site

I, like others on this board, was on the Garmin site reading and absorbing as much info as I could before my Garmin C340 arrived. I checked out the links on that site and found the POI Factory. It's turning into a POI Family! Great people, great info and help on demand.

Thank you Miss POI & Jon!

Originator of Keeping Your Windmill Alive. Live in MA & have a cooking website. 6 yr. member.

Found it on Google

Found it on Google

Googled It ...

This was the first POI site I found through a google search a year or so ago. I viewed a couple of other sites just to compare...but they just didn't compare to POI-Factory.
This is the best POI site and the best community of GPS users out there!

Search no more.

Why we are #1

When I first posted this thread I thought that there would be quick answers. I know now that many members like myself share a common bond. We all love our GPSs and want to learn all we can about it. This site makes possible. I know that Miss POI and Jon must be happy that they have almost 100,000 members, that are sharing their knowledge with all. As it has been said before, many times over, Thank You, Miss POI and Jon. May all your dreams become a reality. Do you think it is time POI Factory T-shirts and Bumper Stickers? I think a lot of us would love to buy one.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T

Found the factory on Garmin

Found the factory on Garmin website. I'm still in the learning process.

Good Old Google

I am a complete neophyte in the GPS Arena and I stumbled upon POI Factory while Googling for new vehicles for my Garmin nuvi 760.

Ever since that I've been sharing the site with all my GPS friends.


POI Factory Link

Found it at the Garmin site smile

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I did a google search for Door County POI's

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Couldn't have said it better

Rick5266 wrote:

I found the site through Google. I had just bought my first unit, a C550 Street Pilot, and it said I could add my own POI's. I went looking for a place to get information and found all of you fine people. I have looked at other sites, but this one has the most information, friendly people who don't call you stupid when you don't understand something, and the best POI files out there.

And that's all I have to say about that!

I did the same - compared units, bought one, read about how you can make custom POI's, did a search on Google, and voila. This is a great site with many very experineced GPS'rs.

Larry - Nuvi 680, Nuvi 1690, Nuvi 2797LMT

Googled. I was actually

Googled. I was actually searching for Red Light Camera info and although I found "free" files elsewhere, they weren't nearly as good as this one. I enjoy contributing.


allbizz wrote: GPS, even better support.

Me too.

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I found it on

I found it on


DRMCMTR wrote:


I am new to this and find it quite amazing how much my nuvi 760 is capable of. / / Magellan Area

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