How did you find the POI factory?


We are seeing a lot of new members on these forums. I think it is great. They all have one thing in common. They all found, stumbled upon, found a link, etc. to the POI factory. I think that I saw a link on a review of GPSs, on line. I have told my friends by word of mouth.
I love to read the back of menus and learn the history of where I am eating. so I would love to know the background of The POI Factory.

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i found it just by surfing

i found it just by surfing the web


I think it kept coming up in Google searches when I started looking for info on POIs.

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A friend ...

... with a GPS recommended POI Factory and I have been a fixture since. Thanks to all.

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Ditto, Google. I was looking for POIs to add to my TomTom and used google and found this site.

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From the Garmin website. This place is great!!

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I found the factory thru google search. To make it easier for other people every person I see at work (Costco) buying a GPS I just tell them about our site and give them the url. I just love our happy family.

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Newsweek Article

I cam across POI Factory from the latest Newsweek article. Very interesting site and would definately like to be a contributor.

Still looking for information on how to create POI files.

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Use the search at the top of

Use the search at the top of the page, enter in Creating poi and see what happens, you will have more info than you can handle, smile

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Found it on Google search

Found it on Google search and now have recommended it to several of my friends that now have GPS's


Garmin website provide the link.

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I did a search for POIs and

I did a search for POIs and got this site.

How did I end up on The POI Factory

By researching information on which Garmin unit I wanted. And by accident here I am. Love this site. Great bunch of people here with a lot of good information to share and with help.


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Was searching for POI's on

Was searching for POI's on google and stumbled on here! smile

Link from Garmin . . .

I was updating my Dad's C340 today and got interested in the whole POI thing. I started looking around at Garmin and here I am.

Yesterday POI was a total mystery to me and tonite I'm writing my own files as well as downloading ones from here.

This must be a good site!

Thanks to all who put it together.

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i was reading Newsweek today and there was ref to POI factory. then i googled it, and i landed here. great place. if only i could find a how-to to upload the poi csv files onto my nuvi 660. any idea? thnks.

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POI loader

At the top of every page you will see 3 blue tabs, click on POI files, scroll down to the bottom of that page to FAQ Garmin POI Loader. that will answer all your questions on how to load the files.

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that was some time ago. just

that was some time ago. just lucky. back in those days looking for any site with information. its been a lot of fun, since that time ive become an expert in gps scuba diving and skydiving. everyone has to have a trade.

Google search for POI and red light cameras

Got my first GPS this past Christmas, and I found the site through a search on Google for "red light camera POI".

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Hi, I just bought my

Hi, I just bought my Maestro 4250. i was looking up general stuff on google and i saw... poi-factory. i opened it up and i love what i see. people helping people. i hope to use my gps for practical purposes and this site will help.

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POPI Factory article was

POPI Factory article was featured in the Newsweek.

POI Site

I found this via a publication that I can't recall unfortunately. I will update when and if I can remember.

found poi factory

Found it on the Garmin site! Best or at the very least my favorite source for POI'S.


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I Yahoo'd! Glad I did. Love this site.

How did you find the POI factory?

Google search. Poi Factory is a great site!

Found on the Garmin Website

Found on the Garmin Website

just typed in poi

just typed in poi


The Garmin link

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How I Found POI Factory

Went to Google and asked for Magellan POI. Found POI factory. It is exactly what I wanted.

I found this great site by

I found this great site by doing a Google search on POI sites. I checked a bunch of them and this is by far the best.

GOOGLE search

I did a GOOGLE search - and there was the POI FACTORY

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Newsweek mentioned your site

Newsweek mentioned your site in the most recent issue.


I discovered your site from an article in Newsweek.

What a great web site!

Googled while searching for

Googled while searching for vehicle icons for my Nuvi 350!

Found it using Google

I was looking for info on POI's for my kenwood, and google found a post in one of the POI factory forums.

How Did I Find?

I saw the article in Newsweek.

Bob The Magician

garmin's website

I was reading the article in

I was reading the article in this weeks Newsweek magazine titled "reinventing the 'Fuzzbuster', and there was a mention of this site!!

Where did I find out about POI Factory?

The June 30th edition of Newsweek magazine has an article entitled "Reinventing the Fuzzbuster" by Daniel McGinn which mentions POI Factory and the Red Light Cam download.


search by google...

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google searching for POIs and Magellan 3225

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Don't remember how

But here I stay. Try others, always come back.

The garmin support site gave

The garmin support site gave links to "the factory." The info here has been very helpful. Garmin did themselves a great favor by providing a link.

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Many sites directing to POI-Factory

Being the new owner of a nuvi 660, I found POI-Factory referenced by; through LIVE search and by other sites that directed me back here. I must admit I've visited several enthusiast GPS sites offering downloads and new applicatiosn for use with your GPS but POI-Factory was IMO more popular and rich with knowledgeable users and useful downloads.


Yahoo search

Yahoo search

i found this site through

i found this site through another forum.

Found POI Factory

Google searches for POI lists. I have used several GPS systems but often would be frustrated looking for specific places. Until I found POI factory, I had no idea you could add your own custom POI's. These lists are great and so easy to install and use.

I found this site while

I found this site while doing a Google search for POIs. Been happy ever since.


Google search for red light cams. Great site.

How Did I Find The POI Factory?

I think I found the POI Factory a little well done.....

In fact I find the POI Factory VERY WELL DONE!!!!!

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