How did you find the POI factory?


We are seeing a lot of new members on these forums. I think it is great. They all have one thing in common. They all found, stumbled upon, found a link, etc. to the POI factory. I think that I saw a link on a review of GPSs, on line. I have told my friends by word of mouth.
I love to read the back of menus and learn the history of where I am eating. so I would love to know the background of The POI Factory.

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A co-worker told me about the site. I've been using my GPS for a couple of years and have many custom lists.

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Me Too...

Me Too...

An RV forum website

An RV forum website suggested the link as a place to find bridges with low clearances!

I was surfin' the Web and ended up on this beach

Can't recall if I was using my Nüvi at the time - but I liked what I found, and I've sent the link to a few buddies of mine.

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How did I find this place?

I was planning a trip to Florida. I wanted to find a POI file of interesting places in around that state. I did a YAHOO search, and there you were!

For the longest time I was thinking wouldn't it be great if there were discussion groups that would add and fix POI files, then they would always be accurate? I guess someone else thought of it also! smile

How did I find this place?

Found it thru I am glad I bought garmin, and so far so good.


There was a discussion about POI and POI-factory was mentioned. I took a look and have stuck around.


I googled for POI sites and

I googled for POI sites and liked this one best.

I visit several times per day.

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How did you find POI Factory

Google search for garmin & traffic

Garmin thank g-d

I guess I always missed this thread. But I found POI-FACTORY via the garmin website.

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Google is a marvelous tool

I found it in Google, and hadnt used in a while, so now I am back to having to post in order to get my status back up... oh well....


I was searching for a free red camera POI on Google after seeing Phantom Alert. I think POI Factory was listed #3.

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)


I find it in my Favorites everyday smile

Google search, if I remember

Google search, if I remember right. And very glad I did find it!


Yes I found it on Google but I have referred several friends and relations to the site over the years. I don't know how many have joined but the Speed and Red Light POI files are a good draw even without all the other POI's available. The support for the units and quick replies on questions about them also keeps me coming back.


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First red light camera ticket

After I got a red light camera ticket, I Googled for red light camera locations and saw POI factory. It sounded good, and it is. Thanks to all..

Google - Everybodys buddy.

haroldp wrote:

Google is your friend

That says it all. Can't have too much Google-Fu.

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Found this wonderful site through google.

Found POI

My friend LEW told me about it.

POI Factory a "Find"

I found the site when searching for POI's to download. No turning back now!!!!!

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This site was mentioned a

This site was mentioned a number of times at Garmin and Zumoforums.




How did you find the POI factory?

I did a google search.

I was registering my Nuvi on

I was registering my Nuvi on the Garmin site and one of their website sections had a list of POI's for red light cameras.
However they were mostly pay sites and/or subscriptions.
So I googled around and found this site where the people contribute. I like this format much better!!

Way to go Miss POI; excellent people and information here!!

It'a been a while but I

It'a been a while but I think I just found it, browsing the internet.

Garmin gave me the address

Garmin gave me the address

The best way

word of mouth

POI factory

Found it cruzing the internet


how i found the poi factory

google baby, google.


I think I saw it on the Garmin website.

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of course!

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Google's your buddy

I was looking for camping ground poi's and found poi-factory.
The best site ever.

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Motorcycle Mama

Sent here by Motorcycle Mama from the Zumo forum. Best advice I ever got! smile

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Random google search

Started searching for rest area POIs in Tennessee, and a link popped up for this site.

Stumbled upon the factory

A couple of years ago, I just somehow stumbled upon the factory. Now, everytime I get into a conversation with anyone about GPS's, I refer them here. Best GPS site I've seen.

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I found this site through Garmin and love it. Going to use it all the time. I got my Garmin c340 through Craigslist and have updated it for free from the Garmin site and love it. Still figuring out how the SD slot works with this...




I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Great Find

I was looking for information on radar detectors and stumbled upon this site. Owning a Garmin, I couldn't wait to try it out.

I never new there was so many POI's available. I am happy to be a new member


wozer wrote:

I was looking for information on radar detectors and stumbled upon this site. Owning a Garmin, I couldn't wait to try it out.

I never new there was so many POI's available. I am happy to be a new member

Welcome to the Factory

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From gps

k6rtm wrote:

I was lead here by posts on another very useful forum, at least if you're into Minis -- -- another example of a useful, active, vocal community

Thank you, Miss Poi, and everyone that contributes!

Also very much into MINI's and NAM! Enjoy a Mellow Yellow Cooper, but my attention to POI Factory was when researching experience with Nuvi 755's FirmWare 4.00 and a gps post mentioned that there was information on POI Factory.

smile Saw a lot more 4.00 information here than anywhere else!

Had never thought about adding POI's, but you have my interest now.



Tried out the new POI's today. Liked the red light camera warnings.

I found The POI Factory through

I found Poi Factory

I found Poi Factory searching for an update for my Magellan Roadmate Yeas! this is an awesome site

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S&T users email Group at Yahoo

Someone on the Streets and Trips group mentioned it


Me Too

That is how I found this


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How Did I Find The POI Factory.

I was in Honolulu, Hawaii last summer. I had just bought my Nuvi750 from Best Buy. I had decided to take it on my trip to Hawaii.

I had been visiting and old friend at the Kapalama Military Reservation in Honolulu. We talked about old times in the Navy here in the late 50s and early 60s.

We started to reminisce about the old Hotel Street with all the sailor bars, and just how much fun it had been.

So I decided I needed to retrace my steps here from an earlier time. I programmed a route into my Nuvi, to get from where I was at to get me to my old stomping grounds on Hotel Street.

To make a long story short I was routed up Libby St. then left on Nimitz Hwy then right to Smith St them left to Hotel St.

Just after I started northeast on Libby St. I noticed a sign saying HPC Foods, Ltd and as I got closer I saw smaller letters POI Factory The Best 1 & 2 Finger POI Made! Well I was surprised and amazed at the same time. Here was my first POI Factory I ever had found.

Well as it turns out later I found more.

I guess it is like when you buy a new car, you never pay much attention to that model until you have your first, then you start noticing them all over the place.

I guess I probably saw at least 15 large and small, mom and pop, POI factories in the next week.

I know it meant a lot to me. I was surprised at just how much it must mean to others to find their first POI Factory. Here on this sight a lot of people were giving their answer to the question: How Did I Find The POI Factory.

I'm very grateful for you to let me tell my story here.

Thanks to you all, you've made me very happy.

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Was looking for some POIs

Go Dawgs!!!


I had just bought my nuvi 1450LM and I was looking for more information on it, how to get into it what the files were for could I make it work better for me when I found the GPS Underground they recommended the poi factory for the best poi files and help files !

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