Map Update 2008


I have a Garmin Map Update 2008 that has not been installed. I no longer have the GPS that it was going to be installed on. If I load this update to a computer now,(can it even install without a GPS attached?) will I later be able to update an older Garmin 330 or some other Garmin?

Could be dead wrong here,

Could be dead wrong here, but just a guess. No GPSr then no update. Not s ure why you would want to load it without a GPSr, but anyways, I would probably wait until you have a real GPSr to update and then install.

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Usually if you get an update,

it's for a specific model & serial number and will only update maps on that serial number. I have a very strong feeling that if an update was for a model that has all maps loaded in flash memory (all nuvi's, most recent street pilots) installing the update will just update the gpsr, will not load anything on your computer. If it was for a model that loads "chunks" of maps (not enough memory to load a whole country, like my prior StreetPilot III), the maps need to be loaded on your computer so the chunks can be seen, defined & uploaded. In that case, you will get a fully functional copy of MapSource & will be able to see all maps on your computer. It's almost as good as a 17" (or so, computer's monitor) size gpsr to view maps, but of course, no position info. If you let us know what model the update is for, we may be able to tell you if you could install the maps on your computer.

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