newguy having trouble with my nuvi350


I down loaded the low clearance poi's and all was well. I then tried to put the little yellow bmp.on my 350 thats when my problems begain. My maps will not load and my pc dosn't no that my nuvi is pluged into it. I have tried to reset the thing with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

It sounds like it's a

It sounds like it's a problem with your computer and not your Nuvi. Do you use the USB port on your computer for anything else like an mp3 player or something you could test to make sure the port is still working?

If you haven't already I would reboot your computer and if possible even try one of the other USB ports.

I have tried

Thanks Mganoe I have tried my mp3 player and it works just fine during reboot of the nuvi my pc picks up the nuvi but looses it when the nuvi is threw rebooting