Can I load a route to NUVI 350?


I just purchaced a 350 and was wondering if there was a way to load a route to it. I have loaded POIs with good success via a folder on my desktop. I have created a route in GOOGLE EARTH PLUS and saved it as a KML file to a folder on my desktop. I then used GPSBABEL to convert it to a Garmin mapsource (mps) file. How do I get this route to the NUVI and where do I put it? Furthermore, how do I view the route on the NUVI? Your comments please...

Can I load a route to NUVI 350?

Sorry, the nüvi units do just points, not routes. You'll have to string your points together yourself.

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Thanks for the speedy reply!

Oh well... I am still very pleased with this unit. I take it the NUVI also does not have the ability to store and output the route you have just finished driving?

Nuvi 660 loading routes

Has garmin corrected this issue so that you can load routes in the 660?

No routes and no tracking with 350

Yep, that's a common question that comes up with the Garmin nuvi 350. You can not program/load a route with multiple waypoints. Also, it does not store a track of your travels.

However, you can add one stop en route to your destination. Set your final destination and have it start the route, then choose your second location and it will ask you if you want this to be a stop along the way to your final, or if this is your new final destination.

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