c530 strange behavior on I205 in Portland


I'm in Portland, Oregon this weekend. The c530 has been great, except for a several mile stretch of I205, which runs North/South through a section of the southeast part of town.

In this area, the map refuses to update. It's almost like the map freezes up. I tried zooming in and out, which made the map go away entirely, replaced by a white screen that says "Drawing...".

Meanwhile, the voice directions, and the green bar along the top of the screen remain accurate. So the c530 definitely knows exactly where it is.

This happened along the same stretch of I205, on two occasions today. This stretch of freeway has been there for well over a decade, and the surrounding neighborhoods are even older, so this isn't a case of new construction.

At a certain point, almost like crossing a magic line, the map redraws and the unit returns to normal behavior.

When I browse the map, I can find the section of I205 that won't show up when I'm actually on it, so I know the c530's map is aware of this area.

Any ideas or similar experieces?

C530 with TTS mod

Similar experience along Oregon Coast

I had something similar happen on the Oregon Coast Highway with my Nuvi 350 a while back. Map seemed to freeze but came back a short time later. Since it was temporary, I just disregarded it and continued. No problems since, so it is probably some kind of glitch on the map. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to confirm as I went throught the area only once.


This is an update on the problems the C530 had in Portland:

At first I thought it was just a section of I205 that wouldn't draw properly. Since then I have come to realize that the problem was actually happening towards the beginning of a trip, and in the cases cited in my original post, I205 was near the beginning of my trips on that day.

The following day, I started on the west side of Portland, and had the exact same problem, only on a different road. The symptoms were exactly the same: Map updated normally for a mile or two, then it stopped updating for about 5 miles or so. Then it would go back to normal, and stay that way for the rest of the trip, whether that was another 10 miles, or another 60.

Again, the c530 always knows exactly where it is, based on the voice directions and the text along the top of the screen that indicates which road you're on.

C530 with TTS mod