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Hi all,

New to using in car navigation, but have been using GPS on my boat forever. I was thinking it would be a neat item to have a POI of boat ramps. I'm starting to compile a list and will post once it gets pretty comprehensive. Just wanted to see if there was any interest out there in such a beast????


great idea

That sounds like a wonderful idea and very useful too. Thanks for posting the idea.
Miss Poi

Great idea! Something to

Great idea! Something to occupy us boaters during these long winter nights. What area are you diong this in. I'm on the Cape (of Cod). Can I help?


I'm working on a file that

I'm working on a file that includes all public boat ramps for Lake Norman, NC. Can make that available when I'm done.

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Proposed Project

I've setup an empty POI Type for boat ramps. It uses the POI Database, so several people can enter locations into the same file.

To find out more about becoming a maintainer, visit the Boat Ramps page.


Active Project

GC0110 is planning to add some locations for his area (North Carolina).

It would be great if a few other people wanted to join in for other parts of the country.


boat ramps

thanks guys glad to see people intersted
i will be adding a list in a few weeks from all over the plas at least missippi east mostly if anyone has numbers that they want to send to me just emal them to me and i will post wold like to get them from all over hate looking for ramp in new area know we all do
Capt. Dan
cut paste and send

I've uploaded my file


I've uploaded my file. I've got Kerr, Gaston, Falls, Hyco, Mayo and a few others in there. Glad to see interest in this and that someone was willing to do Lake Norman. Anyone know some of the river ramps in NC?? I did Trent/Neuse, but I know there's another on Neuse somewhere...