Garmin C580 - MSN reception


I just got a new Garmin c580 and am having a hard time getting the MSN to get a good reception. I can be in a location and it gives me all three bars and then later the same day the same location gets me no bars. Anyone seen this issue?


I have been talking to

I have been talking to Garmin and MSN since late March about this problem. I can't get reception in any of the service areas I've been in, unless I'm almost in the middle of them, NO coverage in most areas. I live in the middle of one of the coverage areas, and have only seen a one green bar signal 2 times, that is not acceptable to me.
It took them 6 weeks to send me a new receiver, same problem... This time I sent in the whole unit. They told me that I would get a new unit sent back to me 1 to 2 days after they got my old unit. The unit arrived at their shop on Tuesday, I contacted them yesterday to find out the status of my new unit, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY, I'm not a happy camper at this point, I'm going to do battle on Tuesday with them.

Garmin 580 MSN Problem

Well I will start calling them and bugging them as well. We can join forces on this issue. I am sure the more trouble calls they get they will realize that there is a problem. I think it maybe a MSN reception issue, because my problem is exactly as you stated. What came out of your converstaion on Tuesday? It maybe the weekend before I can call them.


I have had issues as well.

I have had issues as well. It seems that when I have the cable and GPS in my house and next to the refrig or a wall, I do not get updates. When I leave it out away from walls and refig and on the table, it updates well and I am on the outer limits of the coverage area. I do not have any issues in the car, the closer I get to the center of the coverage area, the stronger the signal.

Getting a signal?

How do you get a signal inside? Do you plug the MSN cable into your GPS unit and leave it on inside?

They (i guess mostly MSN) say that it can take hours to download all the information and such. But, there's no way i can leave my car on for hours (my outlet turns off when you turn the engine off) to keep this thing powered.

I SO want this to work, but so far, it's not.

Getting a signal inside.

The receiver is integrated into the power adapter, and also includes a battery to power the receiver for several days with no external power.


No MSN signal in "covered" area

I live in Planfield IL and zero MSN reception at my house. I've been able to get a signal in Bolingbrook if I'm parked for 30 mins or more but as soon as I start driving, singal is lost. Garmin shipped me a replacement unit but the new unit stated that is was connecting to MSN direct but never showed any signal bars. MSN direct is convinced that the problem is with garmin however I really beleive it is an issue with the covered area. I'm trying one more unit than after that will be having more discussions with MSN direct.


I had simuler problem, even though the map at MSN Direct showed coverage for Lake County, the only time I got updates were when I was driving I290 and I294 near Chicago.

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Ordered one

I ordered one from Still have not received it yet.