how do you mount your Nuvi when you travel


When you travel, do you bring your suction cup and bracket with your Nuvi. I bought the Nuvi because it was so small an portable and I dont want to bring all the gear with it. However it slides all over the place if I put it in a new car.

Do you guys prop it up or wedge it somewhere in your rental cars?

i just bring the suction

i just bring the suction cup.

I bought the sand bag device

I bought the sand bag device on eBay and it works like a dream. The windshield mount kept falling off. With the sand bag, I simply place my entire unit on the floor, throw a jacket over it and I'm good to go. The sand bag stays in place, even when I am speeding through hairpin turns in my Z-350 Roadster.

I bring it all

I bring the suction cup mount and charger. (and the nuvi, of course)

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Garmin Bean Bag

My last trip w/ my new nuvi 660, I took the bean bag and the car power adapter. Oh...and the nuvi.


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Rental Cars

I took my nuvi with me to Hawaii recently and it worked great for finding our way around, however .... I didn't bring a power cord or mount of any type and that was truly a mistake.

A couple of times the battery gave up making finding the last part of the trip a bit difficult. But not having a mount was terrible. The nuvi went sliding across the car on a number of occasions and crashing onto the floor or into the windshield or door. Fortunately no damage was done.

I have a bean bag and power cord on order from Like the ad says "Don't leave home without it!"


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