Contributors of the week 2007-08-27


This week we are recognizing Lsmonop and highlander711. We are also giving an honorable mention to Rhythmtip.

Lsmonop, Those new tricks that you taught us this week were very valuable. I know that I get really frustrated when that next turn screen disappears on me and it is nice to know how to keep it available. But that is not all that you have done this week, as usual you are there helping whoever you can with whatever question they may have. Not to mention that there is always a touch of a great sense of humor behind every post.

Highlander711, We are getting quite a little community of Canadians here on the site and I am sure that they would appreciate knowing that you are helping locate all the red light cameras in the BC area. Thanks for all your help this week.

Rhythmtip, I love how you took charge of the stinky alert file and have kept it alive. Your attention to detail and your ability to delegate and ask for what you need is a great thing.

I decided yesterday that I really needed to get right back into the flow of work so I published a red light camera update and another one will be out at the usual time on Wednesday.

Miss Poi

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Congrats to all three of you for your continued efforts that obviously do not go overlooked.

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Congratulations to you all

Having strong members like you are what helps make this site so very good (and of course Miss POI makes it all the better)


Congrats to all!! (I missed this the first time through. I forgot that today is Monday.)


Congratulations to everyone! Another great week of contributors!

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Lsmonop and highlander711 way to go Congrads

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Thank you

Thank you Miss POI for the honorable mention... kudos to Lsmonop and highlander711 for their efforts in keeping this site one of the best on the net.

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Congrats to all...
Well done.

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Thanks a Bunch

This is a great community!

Congratulations to Highlander711 and Rhythmtip!

I really wish I had more time to contribute. There are more and more people jumping in and helping, which is great. I'm glad to be a member here.

I'm glad (hope) the humor is appreciated. After all, we are gps users, not lost losers... We've all been found!

Again, thanks for all the kind words.

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