Garmin software update causes freeze


I have an older Garmin 760 with lifetime maps and traffic. After a software update last spring, my unit started freezing unexpectedly. Has anyone else had this same issue with Garmin software? They downgraded the software in June, which helped, but some features were lost in the downgrade.

Latest firmware

Do you now have the latest firmware on your unit? I think it's now 5.40 and was issued around early July 2012.

Yes, there were at least a couple of earlier firmware updates offered, then removed, that caused problems.

5.40 may solve your issue. But if it doesn't, a hard reset after a firmware update that causes freezes is always worth a shot:

Please let us know where things stand with you after you've tried some fixes.

Check these discussions

Check these discussions. By your comments you might have already looked at this information. Someone else might have better suggestions than me.
I think I installed 5.30 through my own carelessness a few months back. When 5.40 came out and a few people here liked it, I updated. I didn't notice any features going away.

The first link is to the 5.40 thread. The others are to discussion about the older versions (5.10 and 5.30). I think one describes possibly installing an even older version (4.90) onto your Nuvi. Good luck.

Also, try to remember to include as much detail as you can when you're seeking help. It saves a lot of back-and-forth to get the information needed to help you. Useful stuff is: model, software version, map version and a description of the problem that's as accurate as you can make.