RV Dumps in Colorado


Does anyone have a file for RV Dumps in Colorado, Garmin Compatible?

Try these

Do either one of these help?

Rest areas combined and Flying J/Pilot are coded to show where they are.

The Truck/RV fuel stations is a combined file that has dump stations.

Here is a file just on dump stations for Flying J

Nuvi 2460LMT.

RV Dump

The last time I was in a FlyingJ I wanted to dump my tanks. I saw an electronic locking cap on the dump. I had filled up with Diesel so I got on the phone at the rv pump and asked to use the dump and the lady said that is $10.00!!! I asked is that true when I just filled up? She said anytime. FORGET IT!

Flying J

Same here, although they apparently offer a discount if you sign up for an affinity card. Our local Flying_J's dump stations used to be on the honour system: free if you filled up, or $5 for just a dump. That's one of the first things that changed when Pilot took over. sad