Viewing GPS tracks on google earth


I've never used google earth and am a complete neophyte as to what it does and how it works. Can someone tell me, in easy to understand, non-techno language, how can I take a GPS track of some of my foreign travels, and view it on google earth? I've downloaded google earth, and I hooked the GPS up to the computer, but beyond that nothing happened in terms of it showing up somewhere.

I'm sure it's directions on what to do are on this web site already, but I couldn't find the thread by doing a search on it.



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If your computer has Mapsource installed, you can import the tracks with Mapsource to view them on a map. Once zoomed in to the level you want, you can click the Mapsource menu item: View in Google Earth. That's what I've used.

found it yet? please post.

found it yet? please post.

Never knew this

Never knew this was possible. Guess I need to use Mapsource more and fiddle with the options. Thanks CraigW for the info.

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