POI Factory CSV Workaround for 2.6.0 Discontinued


Back in January, I installed a workaround on the web site to address problems with POI Loader 2.6.0.

Here is my post back at that time:


Now that POI Loader 2.6.1 has been out for a while, I've decided to remove the workaround, which had some side-effects such as truncation issues.

"Data Error in current OFFBEAT TOURIST ATTRACTIONS" is one example of these side effects:


The change back to sending original CSV files, without the v2.6.0 workarounds, is now live on the site.

Anyone still using POI Loader 2.6.0 may experience additional problems. For everyone else (using newer or older versions of POI Loader) things should work a little better now.



Thanks JM

As alway, we all appreciate the work you do for the site. I'll now upgrade to 2.6.1 before I upload new files to ensure compatability. Thanks again.

Nuvi 750 and 755T