voice problems with the 1450LMT


Newbie here. Wanted to ask if anybody has experienced a distortion on the voice directions given on the 1450 model of Garmin? Is this voice the same on the 1490 ? Had a 265WT 2 years ago and sound was clear and crisp.
I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Same Quality

I have both units that you mentioned and the voice is a bit loader on the 1490. Perhaps selcting a different voice and lowering the volume might correct the problem you are having.

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Tried that. Returned

crying Tried that. Returned original 1450 unit to Targets and got another 1450. Same sound problem. I then contacted Garmin and they replaced this unit with another 1450 and the sound is the sane on this unit. With 3 units all sounding the same, distorted speech, I expect all 1450 units to have the same voice software. Garmin had suggested a swap to a 1490 model. I informed them that if the 1490 had the same voice software as the 1450, I didn't want the 1490 either. If they don't have a resolution, think I'll go to TomTom.
I can't believe the difference from the 2year old 265WT compared to the 1450. I hate to walk away from this 1450, but can't live with the voice. Is there any option to improve the voice clariety. I,ve tried different voices and they all sound like they are missing syllables in their speech direction.

You may want to try Voice

You may want to try Voice Editor and play with the reat setting or volume levels.

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I just finished a round trip from Iowa through Phoenix to LA with my 1450 and had no problem. I have it on American Jill at 60% volume for the speaker does distort above that and I like average sounds. It is not stereo.

Voice problems with the 1450LMT

I have a 1450T and made trips to California and Tennessee and I did not experience this problem.

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1450 Voice

If turning it down doesn't work, take it back. The voices are very loud on this gps and it distorts at loud volume. I had one that the speakers must have been broken or something loose on the case because it had some distortion. A new device fixed that, although I went through 3 1350's and had the voice simply stop working on them. Rebooting would help but shouldn't have to do that!

have you tried changing to a

have you tried changing to a different voice? also, try to delete maps and other things that are not required for your needs, as it may help as well.

Don't do that!

neoneo wrote:

..try to delete maps and other things that are not required for your needs, as it may help as well.


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