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A lot of the questions on POI-Factory revolve around 'when will the Numaps 2010.xx be released', or 'is firmware to fix my 7X5' released yet', etc, etc... I thought it might be a big help to have a centralized page here, looking something like this:

Garmin Numaps Current Version = 2011.20
Release Date = 10-Aug-2010

Garmin Nuvi 7X5 Current Version = 4.0
Release Date = 10-Jul-2010

Magellan XXX Current Version = X.X
Release Date = 16-May-2009
etc etc etc

People would still be free to discuss the latest updates, but we would be able to see the latest info at a glance. You could even have an RSS feed, and possibly even restrict this to 'contributors only' like the red light files. Every other day or even weekly updates would be OK with most folks.

What do you think? Good/bad/too much work?


Interesting Idea

It sounds interesting. However, there is already a POI Factory page dedicated to firmware downloads for Garmin at It doesn't list the version number but perhaps that would be good for this page.

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