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This list covers the nuvi line and other related downloads. Links may be changed by Garmin at any time. Also, links to certain new series may not yet be in the list. If I have missed a series or a unit within a series, please point it out and it will be added if available and I can locate it. If you have the link to an unlisted unit, please post it and I will add it to the list after being verified.

*Updated items 03/02/2011 added nuvi 24xx link

*Updated items 02/21/2011 added nuvi 22xx & 23xx links

*Updated items 12/01/2010 added nuLink! 1695 link

*Updated items 08/04/2010 added nuvi 37xx link

*Updated items 12/14/2009: added nuvi 465 link

*Updated items 12/3/2009: added USB drivers link

*Updated items 10/6/2009: added nuvi 16xx link

*Updated items 7/28/2009: added nuvi 1xxx series links

*Updated items 7/13/2009: added nuvi 2x0 (region file only) link,
renamed "nuvi 2xx" to "nuvi 2xx (WebUpdater)"

*Updated items 6/22/2009: added "GPS Chipset Type M" & "Type M2" (MediaTek) links & "GPS Chipset Type B" (Bravo) link

*Updated items 5/27/2009: corrected "Localization Data XML file" link

nuvi 2xx series
nuvi 2xx (WebUpdater)

nuvi 2xx series (region file only)

nuvi 2xxW

nuvi 2x5

nuvi 2x5W

Text files

Help files

nuvi 3xx series
nuvi 300/350

nuvi 310/360/370

nuvi 465

nuvi 5xx series
nuvi 5xx

Text files

nuvi 6xx series
nuvi 610

nuvi 660

nuvi 7x0 series
nuvi 750

nuvi 760

nuvi 770

nuvi 780
No specific download for this unit. Use nuvi 760 link above instead

nuvi 7x0

Note: Hardware is the same across all 7x0 series units except for the 750 which does not have Bluetooth and the 770 which has 4GB memory for transatlantic maps. Despite these hardware differences, all above firmware downloads are exactly the same and can be used for any 7x0 unit.

nuvi 7x5 series
nuvi 7x5T

7x5 Help files

7x5 Translation files

7x5 DSP Software

nuvi 8x0 series
nuvi 850

nuvi 860

nuvi 880

nuvi 8x5 series
nuvi 855

nuvi 865T

nuvi 885T

nuvi 1xxx series
nuvi 12xx

nuvi 13xx/14xx series

nuvi 16xx

nuLink! 1695

nuvi 2xxx series
nuvi 22xx

nuvi 23xx

nuvi 24xx

nuvi 37xx series

nuvi 5000

GTMxx Traffic Receiver

GDBxx MSN Direct Receiver

Database for MSN Direct Flight Status


USB Drivers

Localization Data XML file

GPS Chipset firmware

GPS Chipset Type B (Bravo)

GPS Chipset Type M (MediaTek)

GPS Chipset Type M2 (MediaTek)

List compiled May 15, 2009 by Sergey Zakharov

nuvi 760, nuvi 765T, nuvi 855, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3490LMT - SoCal area


Thank you for the effort. It can come in very handy.

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Thanks for all your

Thanks for all your research. This is very timely and handy. I will now upgrade to V4.80 firmware for my 750

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Merci pour l'info.

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Great info

I just updated my Nuvi 750 with the May 11th update from your link. I have been waiting for this. They corrected the Language Guide voice problem.

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Thanks for pulling all this

Thanks for pulling all this info together.

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Nice to have all these in one place. Thanks!

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I was looking for some links

I was looking for some links like these. Thank you very much

good job thanks

good job thanks

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Updated to include nuvi 37xx series.

nuvi 760, nuvi 765T, nuvi 855, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3490LMT - SoCal area

Very good info

Thanks for all you work compiling this

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Update info good... Me

Update info good...

Me updating? Not so good... grin

(They work..Dont need the headaches... grin )

Just sayin... grin

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Useful list. Thanks for

Useful list. Thanks for taking the time.


Thanks Dorkus!

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