Garmin nuvi Voluntary Recall


Garmin is recalling specific nuvi devices that were sold during a certain date. The battery is identified as potentially overheating, which could lead to a fire hazard. To see if your product is part of this recall, go to this page and enter your serial number.

The recalled devices include a small subset of the following nuvi model numbers:

* nuvi 200W, 250W, & 260W
* nuvi 7xx (where xx is a two-digit number)

Click HERE to review the recall letter.


nuvi 760, nuvi 765T, nuvi 855, nuvi 3790LMT, nuvi 3490LMT - SoCal area

My 260W is recalled

Just received the email response to my submission to Garmin. The return address label goes to El Paso, TX. "Escoto Brokers"
I am thinking that this would be a great scam, tell people that their device has been recalled, send them a shipping label, and then disappear with all the returned items smile
Too bad that Garmin is not feeling guilty enough to offer a free map update with the new battery.
Especially since my Garmin will be gone for two or three weeks sad

mikelanz -- Garmin nuvi 260W


One of the units here is under recall, thanks for the post.