California Motorists can now use there GPS


Effect January 1, 2009
Thank you SB 1567 smile
When a vehicle is being driven, any portable GPS device in use and affixed to the windshield must be located either in a 7 inch square in the LOWER RIGHT corner or in a 5 inch square in the LOWER LEFT corner. The GPS device must not interfere with the deployment of an air bag. Motorists may still mount a GPS device on top of the dash as long as it doesn't block there view of the road. smile smile

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And the

units are smaller these days. So small that it hardly blocks the view.


the law only means they can

the law only means they can mount it on the windshield.

Californians were able to use GPS units mounted on friction bases on the dash or mounted directly on the dash or anywhere else other than the windshield.

Bout time!

Good to see common sense prevailing for a change! The thing is, with TTS I have never needed to mount mine anyway-I just key in the destination and put it on the passenger seat.