Missing Michigan locations


I'm very new to downloading POIs but I've grabbed several to try out. I noticed that for Barnes & Noble and for Applebees that after loading, the nearest locations are around 500 miles from my West Michigan home. The files didn't indicate which areas were covered to the best of my recollection.
Am I missing something or are these just incomplete for the U.S.?


I noticed the Detroit area

I noticed the Detroit area Taco Bell locations are missing too. A search shows the closest location to my house is in Windsor, Ontario.

If you know of missing locations

Report it to the maintainer of the poi involved, i.e Barns & Nobel, Taco Bell, Appleybys etc.... It's probably an oversite....

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Will do. I am new here,

Will do. I am new here, still learning my way around the site.

Thanks For...

Thanks for letting us know about those missing locations. I have just added 163 new locations to the Taco Bell file in and around the Detroit area. If there are any missing locations that you would like to add please email me here through the POI factory and I will be happy to add them in.


Thanks for the updates. I

Thanks for the updates. I just redownloaded the file and will check it out. If there are any locations in the Detroit area you need verified, let me know.