Garmin POI's for Dunkin Donuts


Is there a Dunkin Donuts POI list formatted for Garmin.csv?

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Good Marketing

It would seem that some of these companies would start offering POI files on their web sites. Many offer location maps today. As GPS usage becomes more popular, it is another way for companies to help the consumer.

Jim Garmin nuvi 660

Please send me the CSV and POI format for Garmin c580

I would love to get both the CSV and POI format for Garmin c580. Please send to


DD File

Can I please have a copy of your DD file in CVS?

DD File

Could I get a copy of the DD file in csv for a nuvi350.


I would also like a copy of

I would also like a copy of DD file in .csv format for nuvi 680
Thank You,

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Dunkin Doughnuts .csv format

I'd love to have that file for my Garmin 360, how many DD's are listed? thanks.

dunkin donuts

I am new to this, how would we do this? Send you coordinates for all the DD's that we know of?


I too would like the csv.

I too would like the csv. matt at


i wish there was some dunkin dounts in my area, but closet one is in Vegas.


Counterforce wrote:

I just posted a Dunkin Donuts .gpx file to the site. There are 953 locations in it. Enjoy.

There's at least that many DDs in a two mile radius of my house. What is it with DD and New England, Connecticut in particular? They're on like every freakin' corner here.

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Me too

Can you e-mail to me in CVS format?


miss poi wrote:


We need to keep our hands out of other sites cookie jars and not repost their data:)

Miss Poi

If your suggestion is to use the DD site then that is ok:)

Why reinvent the wheel all over again from scratch and waste all that time? What if a member has the creator's permission? How would you know that to be true or even where someone got their "source" data for a POI file they said "they" created? No way to know, so I say just use the info and keep it on the QT. It's not like lat/longs are proprietary and before anyone whines, yes I understand they took the time to assemble them, but the data can be used by everyone.

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Might I suggest ...

buffettck wrote:
miss poi wrote:

We need to keep our hands out of other sites cookie jars and not repost their data:)

Why reinvent the wheel all over again from scratch and waste all that time? ...

From your 'track' record it appears you have never authored any POI files. Might I suggest YOU create a bunch of new POI files, upload them to POI Factory, and let someone else take them and claim them as theirs. Then YOU would be on the receiving end. Being a contributor is just that, contributing a POI file ... not stealing someone elses and counting it as yours.


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I really wouldn't care who

I really wouldn't care who takes my POI files. I do it for the greater good and don't snivel like some about credit. Me? I couldn't care less.

And I have created POI files, but based on the negativity I received here about my combined restaurant and gas/truck stop POI files and how they wouldn't be allowed here, I'll probably not post any more here. There's other sites I'm on that have appreciative members. And, that restaurant POI file did take quite a bit of time. And I gave credit where credit was due by claiming that all the individual POI files came right from here.

But, hey, if people want to waste their time starting from ground zero and geocoding addresses into lat/longs to get the exact same results others have done before them, more power to them. I'm not going to piss on their parade. Besides, who's gonna know where the source data came from anyways?

Next time you create a new POI file, I'm going to call you out on where you got your lat/long source data... won't be able to prove where it came from, either.

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Dunkin Donuts

If you can foward the POI listing for my Garmin c340, it would great. As you know Paramedics Drink a lot of Coffee

Garmin knows about this one

miss poi wrote:

We secretly hope that some day Poi Factory will be so big and popular that companies will contact us when they have a new store location so that they are represented here.

We have big ambitions here for this community.

Miss Poi

In my ventures with Garmin, trying to find out about the screen shot not working, and during a idle time, The rep was doing something, I told him about this site and he said he made a note of it and would be telling others about it as the need arose, poi files etc.

Jerry...Jacksonville,Fl Nüvi1450,Nuvi650,Nuvi 2495 and Mapsource.

dunkin donuts poi

Hi Joe, I would love a copy of your dunkin donuts file. I have a Garmin Streetpilot c550. cvs format? Hoping you might know which format. Thanks in advance!


Please send me a copy of the CSV file. Much appreciated!

Garmin nuvi 350 Sunset at Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida


This was the first file I searched for after joining the site! THANKS!

Matt Hoelscher Doral, FL

Dunkin Donuts .cvs

If someone has the file sendaway John

Good Day!

Panera and DD Coffee Shops

Hi Joe,

I livein the north East and would love to have the Panera and DD Coffee shops from Virginia to Maine especially NY and PA

I jsut got a Magellan Miestro 3140. I think I need GPXXML format to load into my editor and put on the unit's SD card. At least that is what someone on the POI Facotry site recommended. It worked for them. If you (or anyone seing this post) has any receommendations ..I'm open. New to the GPS world. I would also like WaWA locations in the eastern 1/2 of the US.
Mitch jmitch @


dunkin donuts....

Joe, you think you can send me that dunkin poi file? I have a Garmin Nuvi 660.



there is a DD poi file

did you check the one on poi files page? a file has been posted since this thread was started long ago.

Double D

cinemagic wrote:

Joe, you think you can send me that dunkin poi file? I have a Garmin Nuvi 660.


DD smile

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Dunkin Donuts POI's Already in GPS

Hi, When I upgraded to the 2008 maps on my Garmin c530, all of the Dunkin Donuts in my area were there and so far even the ones that I have stopped in when I am out of town have been pretty accurate. So basically you don't need a custum POI file for Dunkin Donuts. But if you want to have the latest up to date DD POI file you can download it right here at the POI Factory.


I would love this

If you could, please also e-mail me a csv file at

thanks - Joe



Good job on the update people! smile


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You wont gain 20 lbs if you find the place with you favorit GPS and park your car 1 mile from the place and go on foot to heat one. Ha Ha Ha

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Dunkin Donuts file

my email address is I have a nuvi 360. Thanks.


We Need Dunkin Donuts POIs!

I wish I was savy at doing these, because I would anyone with the skills and knowledge, please add the DD POI. I live in the south where Krispy Kreme riegns supreme. But nobody beats the DD coffee.

Please don't bump topics

Please don't bump topics that are 1 and 1/2 years old. If you took a look through the poi database, you would find out that we already have it there.

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DD Questions

Are and different? 5193 more recent?

I've discovered 2-3 new locations. I'll post them here if the file will be updated.



i have the dunkin Donuts Nation wide loacations file in CSV where do i upload it?? so i can share it with other members!

See Page

sgtdot wrote:

i have the dunkin Donuts Nation wide loacations file in CSV where do i upload it?? so i can share it with other members!

Near the top of every page on the website, there is a column to the right.

Just above the heading Active Forum Topics, is a link called "upload and share a CSV or GPX file." Click on that link and it will take you to a page when you can enter a title and description of the file and a Browse button where you can select the file from your PC that you want to upload.

Its not instant or automatic. Miss POI sees the file you have uploaded and checks it over. If its OK, she will post it and notify you when its done.

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Duplicate files

sgtdot wrote:

i have the dunkin Donuts Nation wide loacations file in CSV where do i upload it?? so i can share it with other members!

You have been uploading lots of files that we already have, please look them up in the Alphabetical list before posting. If we already have the file please work with the file manager.

Miss POI

DD file

Would you be so kind as to send me the DD file in either GPX or XA, file so I can load them into my nuvi. Please send them to Thank You so much


The file is located right here.

new red light camera

I just observed the installation of a new red light camera. its located in Tacoma WA at South Tacoma Way & SR 512. 3/4/2009 Dont know when it actually will be activated. They were just putting the camera up.

Me Bigmac

Does the camera serve DD

Does the camera serve DD coffee? That would be a very effective way to get people to stop. wink

Correction to Dunkin Donut location needed?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I didn't see a discussion thread for this in the Dunkin Donut POI file area.

Last week the file came in very handy as I looked up the one at 2448 Virginia Beach Blvd, VA Beach, VA. However, when approaching the store going westbound, my Garmin clearly indicated "Arriving at destination on the LEFT." It's clearly on the RIGHT when heading westbound and since the road is divided by a median, getting to the correct side of the road across several lanes in enough time was challenging.

I don't know if this is because of the geocoding of the location, because the DD website has the same address as the POI. Just thought I'd bring this up.

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More corrections

I also appologize if this isn't the right place to post this, but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

I grabbed the .gpx version the other day and have noticed a couple errors in my area.

In Epping, NH there is one listed as just "Dunkin Donuts - Route 125", this one is one in the same as the one listed in Epping at 62 Calef Highway. Also, the one's listed at 2 & 7 Dover Rd in Durham, NH are one in the same. The correct address is infact 2 Dover Rd. There is also no Dunkin Donuts at 104 Portsmouth Ave in Stratham NH, this one might be the one in Greenland NH? I'm not sure what number it would be on Greenlands end of Portsmouth Ave. There are also duplicates at 100 Shaws Ln in Stratham NH.

Just a few in my area I've noticed for future updates.

Not many around...

There are not many DDs around where I am... mad

dunkin donuts....

I would be... definetly..... I actually had it on my garmin nuvi 780, and when I went to add new stuff to it yesterday, i noticed that it was gone...I thought that I originally got it from this site... I guess not...

jim D

older file version?

Is there a way to get an "older" copy of your file? The updated version seems to have removed several DD's on Staten Island, NY. There is one about .5 mile from where I live that was on the earlier list that is now gone.

My email address is if you have the older version.

BTW- THANK YOU for taking the time to put together and maintain the list. Even though the DD might be in the Garmin POI database, I (and my family) enjoy the alerts going off whenever we drive by one. THe kids get a kick out of it.


-Mark (Garmin 2610, Nuvi370)

Dunkin Donuts

Did you check this file?

Yes I did, that is the one

Yes I did, that is the one that is missing a few local DD's in Staten Island. That's why I was hoping the author would have an "older" version.

-Mark (Garmin 2610, Nuvi370)

you could put the file on

you could put the file on and people can just download it

Dunkin Donuts

Big Yes on that poi

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