Default result order when searching for cities


Here's something that should be fixed (at least on my Nuvi 350):

When I search for a city, it does not list them by order of proximity. Instead, it is either random or alphabetical, I'm not sure which. For example, search for Smithville. There are Smithvilles all over the country, but it doesn't list them in order of proximity. Say you're out of town, looking for Smithville, TN, and you know you're close, but instead your scrolling through pages of results for Smithville, MO, Smithville, TX, etc...

Is there a reason for this, or should I call Garmin and make the suggestion?


My 260 does the same, go ahead and call them with the suggestion and hope they fix it on the next release.

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I agree, it really sucks,

I agree, it really sucks, and it doesn't seem to be alphbetically either.

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