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OK I admit I got too techie for my pay rate! The other day I was reading the Posts and found out how to get into the Dianostics in my Novi 660. I was just curious. Today I noticed that both the time and date on my Novi is way off. I guess I pushed something my mistake. How can I correct the time and date?

Aquire Satellites

When you aquire the satellites, the time is set. The time zone is set in Tools under Locale by touching the clock icon.

I hope this helps.


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Time and Date

thank you for the help;the clock rest just as said. I think that since I started reading- and testing -all the interesting things in the Postings I have been in doors. In fact I noticed the probably today when I was experimenting with a new SD card my son bought me for Christmas. Time to go out and smell the pine cones

Best of the season to you

Glad that you got your

Glad that you got your answer, but you may have not done anything wrong. I have noticed that when I update the firmware, the whole time thing gets off and I have to correct it when I sync back up with the sats.

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Whenever I put my nüvi 200 in diagnostics mode

Whenever I put my nüvi 200 in diagnostics mode the time resets to 8pm until it gets a satellite lock. This was a chronic problem. Even after reseting the time, it lost it when I turned the nüvi off.

I discovered that it had something to do with the SD card. If I have an SD card in the unit when I go to the diagnostics screen it gets all messed up. The only way to fix it was to remove the SD. Turn the unit on to get a lock. Turn it off and put the SD card back in.

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