map of the philippines for garmin


I recently visited the philippines and used a map that I got from the internet. I was glad that I downloaded it to my sd card because it had a lot of POI's and it did get me home everytime I got lost. I used a garmin c330. I surprised my brother who lives there but did not know the map exists. I loaded it to his Garmin quest without any problems. It was not totally accurate because there was a main road that were not there (C5) and if you made a wrong turn, it won't recalculate till you have gone about 100 meters off course. However, I should not even complain because it was free, and I certainly appreciate all the voluntary work done by this group of filipinos. Map only works for garmin units.

Their website is at...

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map of the philippines for garmin

Booked marked the site. I have a Magellan, hopefully they will have cross over maps before we go again next October, to visit our family. "Ingat"

this is nice

I will try to load it. I hope there is still space on my NUVI 350.

Now if there we only one

Now if there we only one available for China (Beijing) and Japan and Hong Kong.

Japan , but you have to buy it for 8,400 yen

I wonder if it is worth 75

I wonder if it is worth 75 bucks..I guess if you need is.


Thanks for the great link.

Yes, thank you. Does it just

Yes, thank you. Does it just load from mapsource into your unit? Do you have an option to load to your data card instead of internal memory?

map of philippines.

The actual map that I used loaded to my sd card and then I clicked on the tools, then map then noted that the map called cd set was checked. Alternatively, I was able to load it direct to the Garmin Quest of my brother.

When I put the map on browse mode (GPS is off) I was able to see the Philippines was outlined and when I set the location to somewhere in Manila, the POI's for the local shops were seen. The only limitation was that you cannot do address searches because the c330 defaults to select state first and then you can't go further. But alternatively you could set your favorites as you browse the map using the unit. That's what I did to set my "home" while in the Phils. Then when I go to different places, I just save the locations.

Re: Mikulangot

Please share with me your experiences with it.
You are welcome.

Can't Install

Hello Powerlinked! I went to the link that you posted and I was able to download the file. I extracted the file to my PC and I just copied all files to my SD. But when I inserted my SD into my Garmin C330, it did not read the map on the SD. And I can't find any feature on the GPS unit where it can read data from SD. Do I need to download an additional software for it to read data on the SD? Hope you can help me because I want to use this unit here in Manila. Thanks!

Mapsource wrote:

I just copied all files to my SD. But when I inserted my SD into my Garmin C330, it did not read the map on the SD.

You'll need an existing Mapsource installed and integrate the Philippines map. You'll then use Mapsource to download the map to your GPSr.

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Where do I get a Mapsource?

Where do I get a Mapsource? Is it something I need to purchase? question

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why is this topic always listed twice?

It's always listed twice in my unread msgs

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I was just talking about having poi's for P.I. with my wife since we will be going soon. She said no way! haha I'll surprise her... Great LINK!

I am not sure how to use the

I am not sure how to use the program I downloaded at the link for the Philippines.

When I run it I get the message that it's looking for Mapsource.

Going to Garmin site I find a 40+ MB patch, and the information that I need a Mapsource product to use it.

Since I "unlocked" or registered my Street Pilot c340, do I have a Mapsource product, and thus the patch will work? I did get a code in and email from Garmin when I registered. Is that what I need to get the patch to work? Or, do I need to make another purchase? (Which I probably won't do!)

Any suggestions welcome.


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No, having the c340 does not mean that you have a MapSource product. Since your unit did not come with the MapSource disk, you will need to call Garmin and ask them for it. Many people have gotten Garmin to send it to them for free. Then you can use the MapSource update that you downloaded to update the software.

You might also be able to send the maps using SendMap20 but there's more involved with that process than using MapSource.


Thanks for the tip! Or, in

Thanks for the tip!

Or, in Pilipino, "Maraming salamat po!"

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phil map

i'm going to phil in the summer, for the first time in 27 yrs. i would love to get a roadmap for my nuvi 660, however, i'm totally computer illiterate, i can't download anything from my old mac (inherited from my daughter), i tried & i think i caused the gps to freeze., good thing its still under warranty! can i just "buy" a preloaded sd card from someone that will work on my 660?



gerrydrake wrote:

Now if there we only one available for China (Beijing) and Japan and Hong Kong.

I am looking for this also!

compatible with all garmins?

i was wondering if this was compatible with the nuvi 360. according the website some of the features may not work on the newer garmin models. anyone with a nuvi 360 (or similar) find much success with this map?

i didn't even know you can load new maps like this with an sd card. i make a trip out there every year! that would be great if i could use it there.

I was able to load the maps

I was able to load the maps to the Philippines on my c340, onto the SD card.

It appears to work OK, but as I am in the US now, I can't be sure. Good around metro-Manila, the more rural province I checked seemed to be more problematic as far as numbers of roads I see on the map.

Ted in Ohio, c340, 1490T with lifetime maps

Experiences with the Philippines GPS map

Did anyone try it out on a different GPS model (I used mine on a C330.) I just wanted to know how it worked out with other models, more so with the NUVIs. The C330 has a base map of the entire world and when I loaded the Philippine map on my SD, the Philippines was outlined when I did the "Browse Map" option. I was wondering with the newere NUVIs it seems only the North America map is visible.


Loaded the map on a nuvi 370 and seem to load fine.
Will be heading to the Philippines in May and will have a chance to try it out.

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loading file into sd card

hi mcmama,
i have a nuvi 660,a mapsource disk, & i just bought a cheapo laptop(my first computer) with the new windows vista home premium os, to be able to load phil maps to sd card, pls, pls, if anyone can show me, step by step, how to accomplish this task, i would forever be greatful, i've been reading vista starter book, & none of this make sense to me, HELP!!!



I don't know much about Vista, but here are the steps for loading the maps.

1. Install MapSource on your computer. Note that the disk is DVD and not a CD.

2. Download the 5.00 Beta version of the maps from the site linked in the first post in this thread.

3. Run the exe progam that you downloaded. This will install the maps in your MapSource.

4. Open MapSource. In the drop down list of the the maps, select Phillipines Routable v5.00 Beta.

5. Using the Map select tool, highlight the map segments (or all of them) that you want to load to your GPS unit.

6. Connect your GPS unit to your computer with the USB cable.

7. Click the Send to Device button in MapSource.

8. When the Send to Device dialog box comes up, select your GPS unit or your SD card as the destination.

9. Be sure the Maps check box is checked.

10. Click Send.

11. Clik Ok when MapSource is done sending the maps.

12. Disconnect your GPS unit from your computer.

13. Once the unit boots up, check to be sure the maps are selected. Wrench/Settings > Map > Map Info

14. Pan and browse the map to the area where the maps are located. You should see the outline boxes of the map segments.

15. Zoom in.

The maps work on my Zumo.


Here are some screenshots of what it looks like on my Zumo.

Map Outlines

Basemap (notice the lack of detail)

Map Detail

Manila (2 mile zoom)

Manila (0.3 mile zoom)

Manila (POI level zoom)

Nuvi 200 - Compatible with Philippine Road Map

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a Garmin Nuvi 200 in the US and brought it here in the Philippines. Following the instructions of Motorcycle Mama, I was able to upload the Philippine road map to my Nuvi 200.

The device works well with the Philippine road map. The only caveat is that it does not know that some of the roads in our area in Paranaque City are closed by several village associations - but no problem with me, I know the place very well anyway.

The Nuvi 200 is very useful in navigating other areas of Metro Manila that I'm not familiar with.

By the way, Nuvi 200 is the entry level product. I bought it for $239 in Orlando FL. The reason for buying the entry level was that it was basically experimental on my part, as I'm not sure if it will work in the Philippines. I should have bought the Nuvi 200W though, have I known that it is only around $20-$30 more expensive - it has a bigger screen of 4.3".

I'm satisfied however with the Nuvi 200 that I bought. It worked wonders for me in Orlando, and it is working well so far here in Manila.

Other useful functions of the Nuvi 200 are as follows - world map, world time, currency converter, calculator, and picture viewer.

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Just wondering..if you veered off course, approximately how far did you go before it recalculated. With the C330 it went pretty far away before it did.

The Nuvi200 recalculates

The Nuvi200 recalculates almost immediately if you veer of course. It does not take that long.

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Thanks for the info..might get a nuvi for my wife's car.




Easy there grasshopper. Slow down. First of all, on internet forums, posting in all caps is considered shouting, so try not to do that.

Your GPS unit will work everywhere on the planet. The "G" stands for Global. Your City Navigator maps that are preloaded on your GPS unit only cover the US and Canada. The basemap on your unit probably contains a very crude map of the Philipines. So if you want/need detail maps, you can download and install the detailed maps linked in this thread.

Be sure to carefully read the instructions for installing them particularly if you don't have MapSource installed on your computer.

I'm not aware of any preloaded cards with maps of the Philippines.


powerlinked, Thank you for the link to the website. I downloaded the maps to my 660 and am very happy with the detail and info on the maps. Quite impressive for a free product!


asian map for nuvi?

does it exist? i remember playing around with my nuvi660 and you can actually see world maps.. ofcourse.. no roads on em.

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How do I transfer the

How do I transfer the downloaded file to my Garmin unit? Do I have to change the filename, etc.? Please help. Thanks.


If you read through the posts in this thread, I have posted the steps.


You are welcome..please post your experience with it.


powerlinked, I'm not planning to visit the Philippines anytime soon but like many others on this forum I just couldn't resist downloading this freebie. After transferring the maps from Mapsource to my 660 I decided to play around with some simulated routes in and around Manila. I found that there was a reasonable POI database of things like restaurants, recreation centers, landmarks, shopping and the like. It wasn't maybe as extensive as what we have on our Garmin maps but still pretty good. I was also impressed with the simulated routing between arbitrary locations I had picked out within Greater Manila; it appears to give enough detail to allow one to navigate the city streets. Don't know if I would trust the maps in the smaller towns and rural areas. Also found Mt Pinatubo, an active volcano, and its hiking start point for those very adventurous travellers. All in all I'm very impressed with these FREE maps and appreciate all the work that was put into compiling them.


Map of the Philippines for Garmin

Can I use this map in Garmin Nuvi 310? I tried to save the map I downloaded then re-started the unit but it didn't work. Please help.

Loading Maps

elmer_102 wrote:

Can I use this map in Garmin Nuvi 310? I tried to save the map I downloaded then re-started the unit but it didn't work. Please help.

To load extra maps into the 310 seems to be by the MICRO-SD card purchased from Garmin or by using MapSource.

You need to load the map of the Philippines into MapSource, and then usr MapSource to send to you Nuvi310.

H Hannah

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Had installed it on my 370

Had installed it on my 370 without any problem. Make sure you follow Motorcycle Mama's 03/02 post of the directions.

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Map of the Philippines for Garmin

question does anyone know why we get two post every time this thread is replyed to. just wondering.

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NUvi Use

I noticed a new map was available (beta) for newer garmins like nuvi. Has anyone tried this out yet?

virus while downloading v.5 beta?

i just tried downloading the v.5 beta a few minutes ago, and my antivirus detected a trojan horse. I had to abort the connection. Anyone experience the same thing? Any feedback or help would be appreciated.

I just downloaded it and checked it for virus'

MeganQ wrote:

i just tried downloading the v.5 beta a few minutes ago, and my antivirus detected a trojan horse. I had to abort the connection. Anyone experience the same thing? Any feedback or help would be appreciated.

None were found by McAfee Security center...???
It loaded into mapsource and appears to work...

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My Antivirus is Avast

Thanks for responding Gary. If I didn't abort, and continued the download, can i still remove the virus after completing the download? Should I risk it?

I can only tell you...

MeganQ wrote:

Thanks for responding Gary. If I didn't abort, and continued the download, can i still remove the virus after completing the download? Should I risk it?

I didn't get an alert when I downloaded the file, I scanned it prior to running it, it installed after a request to change my registry (Which is normal) and seems to function normally... I am doing a complete scan of my computer as I am writing this but nothing is showing up...

I rarely get virus or other computer infections but if I get a virus, trojan horse, etc, I never have a problem removing them but that's me.... wink

It is terrible to speak well and be wrong. -Sophocles snɥɔnıɥdoɐ aka ʎɹɐƃ

Win32:Lmir-RH [Trj]

Just tried downloading again, got the same alert, aborted the connection again. Will try asking my technician. Thanks Gary, really appreciate it!

I think it's the Avast...

Could it be a false positive by Avast? I just tried downloading from my other PC (which uses Trend Micro PC Cillin antivirus) and there was no problem. But when I copied the file onto my laptop, again the Avast went off! I think I'm gonna have to download Mapsource onto my other PC. Bummer...

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