Keeping The Windmill Alive - Your Last Trip? – July 2020


Perhaps you can post on a new book you're reading, a new hobby you're taking up or about random finds as you finally get around to cleaning out the...

Anything to keep your windmill alive.

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Back to cold showers

Back to cold showers tomorrow too by the look of it.


seems like these days the longest trips are to costco, about 12 miles....we did go to a state park that was about 8 miles.

As tempting as it is, just can't see how life can be normal? And I have like 20-25 days of vacation in the "use or lose" category. Boss said I hope you'll take some time, and not the entire month of Dec. or honestly? Not even 2 weeks in a row, I don't think we can spare you....(well that's nice, to be needed lol)

In-law visit

In-law visit

My Last Trip was.....

Baltimore, MD to Washington, DC.

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Been trying to plan a trip to Saratoga but with the shutdown, I hear the town has been quite dead. No fans allowed at the track etc. Definitely not a regular summer for sure!

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The Home Bar?


Wait a minute... who am I here?


Still Nowhere to go.



had to go to the workshop to help my daughter with her girl scout project. saw a major traffic jam. granted the traffic jam was ants and the workshop is in the back yard.



Er. I mean trips

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

Last Trip

Amish markets in NJ

Trinity County

Just got home from a trip to Trinity County. Our middle son has been assigned as the sergeant in charge of the Willow Creek CHP office so he's bought a place (7+ acres) in Burnt Ranch, CA. We camped near there for several days and then parked our teardrop in front of his house and used it as our bedroom for a few more days while we visited. It was GREAT to see them and to play with our second youngest grandchild. She's not quite 3 and a ton of fun. LOTS of energy. She opened the bathroom door while my wife was "engaged" to ask her if she "would like some privacy". It was a great trip and a great visit.

We are all pretty certain the virus went through their household back in February when they were living in the San Diego area (Escondido). His wife spent a week or more unable to taste or smell. At that time the COVID thing wasn't established and the doctors tested her for flu and everything else they could think of with negative results. She was afraid it was a brain tumor. Our granddaughter had the high fever for a few days at the same time.

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just returned

from a 9 day road trip. I must say, even traveling by car is less fun with this CCPvirus nonsense going on. Can't even get fast food and eat inside, use the restroom. Eating in a hot car that you have been traveling in for hours at a time is, well, less than desirable.

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food run

did my senior hours at safeway got a nice pie, beer and snacks .



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