TA20 Power Supply


Are all TA20 power supplies the same?

I need to replace mine for my NUVI2555LMT. Found one on Amazon, but not sure if OK.


They should be...maybe

Any or all TA20s should work for the Garmin devices that have internal traffic receivers compatible with the TA20. They're a combination power supply and FM traffic antenna and if your nuvi 2555LMT had a TA20 before and you got traffic, it should work.

I do wonder though since the Garmin listing for the nuvi 2555 shows compatible cables as being the GTM36 and GTM60 (FM and HD traffic receiver/antenna/power) so I'll suggest doing some more research. Maybe there were two versions of the 2555, one without the internal traffic receiver requiring a GTM cable and one with an internal traffic receiver that just needed a traffic antenna on its power cord. confused


Here's a link that may help you which offers links to compatible devices for the various traffic options:


Never mind redface I see that you have reported several years ago that you have a nuvi 2555LMT and TA20 and you must have had traffic with it in and around Kitchener and other travel areas:




and I'm now sure that you know more about cables, serial numbers, etc. than most of the rest of us here, GPSgeek "2LQ." wink


Thanks CraigW. I'll check closer, but my power supply has TA20 on the label.

Going to clean the fuse contacts first.


Amazon TA20 Power Supply

Just received the "TA20" power supply, that I ordered from Amazon.

It does not say TA20 anywhere and no indication about Garmin.

Physically it is identical. I connected it to my NUVI 2555LMT and then plugged it into the car lighter socket.

It powered up fine and did show the traffic icon. Unfortunately, we do not have traffic signal, where we live, so I can't confirm that the traffic is working.

I will update, my report, when I can eventually get into an area with traffic signal.


Update on My Amazon Order

I finally had an opportunity to drive where there was a traffic signal. Up to this time I had no way to be certain that the charger that I got actually was able to get traffic.

The charger did not have any indication that it was a TA20 charger.

Happy to report that it worked perfectly on a recent trip.

All is good.