Restoring identical Garmins


I have two identical Garmin Drivesmart 61 units. I plan a trip using the Trip Planner in the Garmin on one unit then save it to backup on my computer, then connect the other unit to the computer which has all the trips and saved places deleted already and do a "restore" from the first Garmin and the trips never come out right with stops missing or other entries labeled "Area". I just can't understand why two identical units can't save the same trips to each other?
Thanks for any help if I am doing something wrong.

Well ...

I'm not sure how you're doing your backup/restore but if using Express I'm not clear if that has ever handled trips correctly. If it were me I'd use BaseCamp, and transfer the data using that.

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Are you sure they are identical?

Are the maps the same and is the hardware file the same exact version.

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pwohlrab wrote:

Are the maps the same and is the hardware file the same exact version.

Both are identical with the same software versions and updated both at the same time. I delete everything from the one unit before doing the "restore" from the first unit.
I am using Garmin Express

I agree with sussamb, do

I agree with sussamb, do your other manipulations, then use BassCamp to upload the Routes to each unit. Much quicker and less complicated.

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Thanks guys for your input. I have downloaded BaseCamp several times over the years and got so frustrated with it, then deleted it, then tried it again, deleted it and so on. So I tried it now one more time and I "Think" I finally got the hang of it, actually it works pretty good. I saw some other posts to not use 4.7 so I downloaded and installed 4.6.2 instead which seem to work just fine. Time will tell!