Updating A Refurbished Garmin LMT


I got a refurb'ed Nuvi 2598LMT for N.A. 5-6 years ago.
After too many issues with Garmin Express back then, I always used MapUpdater, no problems.
I tried MapUpdater yesterday for the 1st time in years (new car has in-dash), it ended-up hooking me into Express.

Software version updated fine NP.
However it shows I have a free update for Europe but a "Pricing" button for N.A.

Garmin tech support had me do the delete device, remove device and restart, no luck.

Anyone else ever see this and/or any ideas from the POI Factory group?


Nuvi 2598LMTHD

You may have got what I did a few years ago.

I bought a refurb 2460 and it wanted to update European maps and me buy a NA map. It had to do with how they worked the serial numbers in the unit. They put a different serial number on it. GE uses whats in memory but the correct one is on the unit.

Check my writeup at: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/44413

Nuvi 2460LMT.

happened to me, too

Happened to one of my NUVI which was refurbished unit.
After couple of phone calls with Garmin tech support, they were able to solve the problem, and it is back to normal now.
Chances are, you might not hit the right person at first time.

Good luck!

Updating a Refurbished Garmin LMT - Success

I emailed rather than call this time.
They asked me to register it, I had years ago and had gotten N.A. updates before.
Then I was asked to start a different account and try again, no luck.
They said they couldn't find the serial# registered to my email address(es) and it appears it was originally registered to Europe. Again, it updated N.A. years ago.

They said they went in and manually registered it to my email and asked I try again. That worked and it's updating now. smile
Sounds like a computer system/server gremlin.

I'll take the old Garmin MapUpdater any day.

Thanks for the replies.

Nuvi 2598LMTHD

thanks for getting back

05Glide - Thanks for getting back to us. We are glad to see it is solved!

dobs108 smile