Why is my Refurbished Garmin LMT not offering a Lifetime map update?

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Why is my Refurbished Garmin LMT not offering a Lifetime map update?
When you purchase a refurbished unit (supposedly with lifetime maps), sometimes you may be asked to purchase a map.

In order to receive a map update, your unit needs to be registered with Garmin first. Garmin does the registration by using Garmin Express (GE).

Download and install GE to register the device.

Once the device is recognized by GE and registered, you should be offered a map update.

However, if after you register your refurbished Garmin, you find GE is still not offering you the Lifetime Map update, then there is the possibility that GE is using the wrong serial number. There may be two (2) serial numbers associated with the refurbished unit. GE picks up the one which is in the unit's memory - and, this is the wrong one for the refurbished unit. The correct one will be on the label on the bottom or side of the unit.

To solve this problem, you need to follow the following information which is directly from Garmin.


In some cases, Garmin Express may fail to provide updates for newly-overhauled (refurbished) GPS devices.
Symptoms include:
* Express offers no available map updates
* Express offers updates for purchase for devices that include nuMaps Lifetime subscriptions
* Express offers map updates for the wrong country or continent
* myGarmin.com incorrectly states "Your maps are up to date"

This issue can be resolved by manually registering the device to a myGarmin account using the link below:

Sign in to a pre-existing myGarmin account, or create a new one. Upon signing in, follow the instructions on the site to register the device. Enter the serial number located on the device, not the one shown in Express.

After the registration is complete, remove and reassociate the device with Express:
1. Disconnect device from computer (see note 1)
2. Open Garmin Express
3. Click Device
4. Click Delete Device from Express
5. Uncheck the box next to "Delete the saved backups"
6. Click Confirm
7. Close Garmin Express
8. Open Garmin Express
9. Connect device and follow the on-screen prompts to add the device back to Express

The appropriate map updates should now be available for the device.
Note 1: Eject the device from the computer first if using a Mac.