Custom POI upload to Kenwood DNX693S


Has anyone been able to upload custom POI on the DNX693? I followed the same procedure I use for my DNN991HD basically I loaded the POI using the Garmin POI uploader. Created the POI.gpi file. Copied it to a 4 GB FAT 32 USB into \garmin\poi folder. I go to the map screen insert the USB it recognizes it and asked me if I want to copy. I say yes and it copies the files. I see them under categories Custom POI...I take the USB out and turn off the unit. When I turn the Jeep back on they are not on the unit. I have tried renaming the Garmin with upper case and lower case G same with the POI folder. I called Kenwood support and they said that it does not accept POI which is BS. The directions say it does.


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Here is a helpful thread where an SD card was used to load POIs. Follow the links inside this thread to still another thread.

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POI support

sallysky wrote:

...I called Kenwood support and they said that it does not accept POI which is BS. The directions say it does.

A listed feature of the unit is that it accepts Custom POIs, but that feature is not supported. This is the same for all Garmin GPSs - all questions about Custom POIs - tech support is not responsible.

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Thanks I have pretty much

Thanks I have pretty much tired everything including the SD slot. The SD does read the card. I guess I am stuck with leaving the USB in the unit.

Figured out the issue.

Figured out the issue. Instructions for Kenwood DNX693s Below

These are the instructions to install POI files to the DNX693S.
To use custom POIs with a Kenwood device, you will need a USB stick 4GB works best.
Download, install, and run the free POI Loader program at
Create a Custom POI folder on your PC to store the files
Create folders for your POI categories
Garmin has a 32 file limitation per folder but no limitation in the number of folders
Launch POI Loader
Select Garmin Device make sure the target usb is in the computer
Select the SD card or USB stick from the drop-down list
Click Next
Select Install new custom POI's onto your device
Click Next
Select the folder that contains the POI data using the Browse button
Name the file to be created POI (must be this name)
Confirm the units of measurement and whether you want to use Express or Manual mode
Click Next
The files will then be installed to the USB flash drive
structure is \garmin\poi.gpi
To install the custom POIs from USB drive to your device:
Ensure that the Kenwood device is on one of the navigation screens
Insert the USB stick into the device
Touch Yes to confirm that you want to copy the POIs to the device
Touch OK when notified that the installation is complete
The custom POIs will now be installed to the Kenwood device.

To view the files choose Where To - Categories - page down to Custom POI
To change the audio alerts for POI go to settings Proximity Alerts.


Thanks for figuring this out! I am glad that you were able to solve the problem!

It sounds like you could post an FAQ to help others. Click on the Create Content link on this page.

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