Kenwood DNN991HD


I have a kenwood DNN 991 HD - in dash navi - anyone have experience loading POI on this unit ? Garmin system . I've been trying but can't get it to load the new poi 's that I want . Thanks in advance for any help !

poi loader

I have a DNN990HD thinking poi loading is the same.Format an SD card in Fat32,load your POI files onto SD card with POI loader(from Garmin). Then insert card into SD slot on your DNN,I put mine on navigation screen and a prompt pops up and asks if you want to load POI'S to your DNN click yes then they load very fast and a screen says you have successfully transferred the POI's.Remove the card and your good to go.I use a USB stick that holds any SD card and plug it into mu USB cable for my adding of POI"s

Hey DrDave00 I did as you

Hey DrDave00

I did as you instructed ... I put the SD card back in the unit and it did nothing .Not sure what I did wrong.

I think it has to be loaded

I think it has to be loaded from the USB port. I have an older Kenwood and it will not load software from the sd slot to the internal memory of the DNN. I can only run a map update on the card and it must stay in the slot.

I tried that and it worked

I tried that and it worked ...sorta ! the POI's are there but only as a blue dot and not the icon symbol which I did put into the file. also I don't have any proximity alerts for them which I did enable in the settings on the unit. Any suggestions ?