Garmin Express V4.0.15.0


V4.0.15.0 just downloaded and installed on my Win 7 32 bit PC.

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Same here....

I just updated mine also & was surprised to see that it was at It installed fine on my Windows 7 64Bit system, but I haven't gone out to get my Garmins for an update yet. Anyone know what differences in this release?

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Nothing in the Garmin forum yet...

but they will have something up soon. Will try and keep an eye out and post the Release Notes when available.

I also just uploaded to

I also just uploaded to v4.0.15.0 today. I was expecting today. Maybe there was a bad bug in that they had to fix today.


We should start a thread guessing when the next GE software update will be released?

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GE Update

Downloaded and installed with no problems Windows 8.1 64bit

For me, I won't upgrade GE

For me, I won't upgrade GE until the next Map update is due. Most of what Garmin is updating GE for is for the hand and health stuff. Not the auto units.

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dl just fine but like

dl just fine but like previous update, it doesnt show up on my screen. so frustrating

No Mac Update

Not yet at least. Still at