Garmin Express v4.0.16.0


Just found this on the Garmin Forum

Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v4.0.16.0 for the PC today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Updates to Express on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

• Stability improvements.
• Fixed an issue preventing Golf score cards from being uploaded to Garmin Connect.
• Fixed an issue preventing manual Step Goals to be set on the vivosmart.
• Fixed an issue preventing some Forerunner 310XT devices from syncing with Garmin Connect.

Nothing about v4.0.15.0 in the Release Notes(?)

Stability improvements...

Kind of says it all.

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Kind of thought...

alandb wrote:

Kind of says it all.

that "Stability Improvements" was secret code and I didn't have the decoder ring smile

do u hear a vote foe

Being able to upload;

Table tennis


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glad you post the updates.

glad you post the updates.

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

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oh yeah


Update Express

Updated with no problems



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Thanks for the Info!

No Problems.... I understand

No Problems....

I understand why they have GE updates before map updates... But from the activity in the GE area you'd think it's time for a map update!

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Thanks for the info.

Got it installed without any problems.


Installed. Working great thanks