My Garmin 560 won't connect to my computer (Windows 7 OS)


I'm having trouble getting my computer to find my DEZL 560. I keep getting the msg "No device found", even though my unit is connected via a working (tested) USB port. Can anyone help with this?

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Welcome. It sounds like your dezl is in MTP mode. If so, switching to MS mode will resolve the problem:

I do see that the dezl 560 is not listed among the Garmin devices that use MTP. I'm assuming this is an oversight by Garmin. If the 560 does not use MTP, then your issue is something else. You could try other USB cables and other USB ports. If you're using a USB hub, try using a USB port directly on the computer. My first thought remains that you should see if your device is in MTP mode since this link does suggest the 560 uses MTP:

Try this and report back. Good luck.

USB Connection

Try connecting to a USB port in the back of your computer.
Sometimes, the front ports don't provide enough power.
Had the same problem with my Nuvi 2797LMT until I connected to a rear port.
Hope this helps.

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More info

All current Garmin devices, when connected to a computer, will communicate in either Mass Storage or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode. If the computer is not detecting the Garmin device, there are a few troubleshooting steps that can be done.

Unplug the USB cable from the computer.
Turn the device off and then back on again.
Plug the USB cable directly into the device and the other end directly into a USB port on the computer and not a hub or docking station.
The device should automatically go into Mass Storage or MTP mode, which is indicated by a picture of a GPS device connected to a tower on the Garmin screen.

To check the computer's recognition of the device on a Windows PC click on the Start menu and select (My)Computer. The device will show in this window if the computer recognizes it. On a Mac, the device will show as an icon on the desktop, labeled "GARMIN", or it can be found by selecting Finder from the dock and viewing the device list on the left-hand side menu within the window.

Note: If the computer still does not detect the device, try plugging it into a different USB port. If the problem persists, try another computer, if available. Ensure the USB cable is not connected to a cradle, if one is attached to the GPS.

Ensure the cable is a compatible USB cable. For more information on compatible USB cables, visit the article What kind of USB cable do I need to connect my Garmin GPS to a computer?

If you still experience problems, please contact Product Support.

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MTP Mode Garmin| How to change it to Mass Storage.

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Solution found...

USB cable being used was apparently not compatible with the unit. A change in USB cables resolved the issue.

Great news

alimwit wrote:

USB cable being used was apparently not compatible with the unit. A change in USB cables resolved the issue.

That's great. What a simple fix. It's just lucky that you have extra USB cables to try.

My garmin 560 won't connect to my comp window 7 os

Just purchased a 2689 let refurb and had the same problem. Then I remembered a solution for another usb device.
Originally, I had plugged into a front usb port.
When I plugged into one in the rear, it recognized my device.
There is a difference in front and rear usb ports.