Garmin nuvi 2595 trip cost


The above mentioned unit will give field trip data, including the fuel cost, along with Maximum Speed, Moving Average Speed, and etc. It seems that the fuel cost is based on the fuel cost per mile, which is excessive in comparison to my actual data, I have obtained for my vehicle over a number of years.
Is there any way to revise the fuel cost per mile to reflect my actual cost per mile, and a more accurate fuel cost ?

well now...

On the 1490, there was an app called "at the pump" ... Which you could enter mileage, fuel consumption and cost each time you filled up.

Somewhere along the line, Garmin in their infinite wisdom decided you needed to purchase, install, connect and configure the device that connects to your OBD II interface which would then let you into the eco app, where they've moved the distance, mpg, cost function still called "at the pump"... Thanks Garmin... sad razz

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